'Queer Eye's Karamo Brown Reveals The Beautiful Way He Knew His Fiancé Was The One — EXCLUSIVE

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Queer Eye fans know that Fab Five member Karamo Brown has made it his life's mission to help others feel confident, empowered, and open to love. (Have you seen season two, episode two yet? I'm still not done sobbing.) While he doesn't share too much about his personal life on the show, fans might remember that he recently proposed to his long-term boyfriend. And the way Karamo Brown knew Ian Jordan was The One is exactly as touching and wise as you'd expect.

"[I knew he was The One] because he communicated really well," Brown tells Elite Daily, about his director fiancé. "Communication is key and the foundation for everything. If you can talk about the big, happy moments, the sad moments, your fears, the things that inspire you in a way that makes you transparent... I’ve never had an interaction like that with anyone before. So I just knew."

Brown was so sure of his feelings that he popped the question on May 9, Jordan's birthday, at Hyde Sunset in Los Angeles. He planned a surprise proposal surrounded by their loved ones, including, yes, his Queer Eye castmates. Fab Five member Tan France caught a snippet of Brown's proposal speech on Instagram Stories, and it's gorgeous.

"All these things I accomplished, only because I get home, I know that I have you," he said. "You make me feel like I can do anything, and I just want to let you know that I hope that we can conquer the world together."

Considering he's currently traveling all over the world to film a beloved Netflix show, you might cut him some slack if he happened to be too busy to dive into wedding-planning mode. But Brown says he's been dreaming up his wedding since he was a little kid.

"I started planning it years ago," Brown says. "I’m that guy that has been wanting to plan a wedding since I was eight years old because I just love love."

His wedding inspiration? All of his recent trips abroad — he's recently visited the United Kingdom, Australia, Thailand, and China.

"Literally, when I go to different countries, I love to see how love travels, and what weddings are like overseas, and what the customs are like in different cultures," Brown, a Marriott #LoveTravels ambassador, continued. "I just think it’s beautiful. So I’ve been planning mine forever."

On one recent trip to China, Brown gave his friend a nudge to work up the courage to approach a guy he was attracted to. Fair warning, this story might make you tear up.

"I was traveling with a friend recently, and they saw a guy, and they were like, 'Oh, but he's not really my type that I've dated, and I think he lives in the country we're going to,'" Brown recalled. "I was like, 'Go ahead and open yourself up.' And now they've been in a relationship for seven months, and he always thanks me that I gave him the courage to talk to the person that was outside of physically who he usually talks to. He’s now traveling to China for the love of his life, and I believe they’re going to get married. It’s beautiful."

Brown says that he encourages people to keep an open mind, and to refrain from always going after the same "type" of person. You never know where you'll find The One.

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