Urban Outfitters Is Launching Nuuly, A Clothing Rental System, & It Honestly Sounds So Convenient

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As someone who (happily) spends over $100 a month using Rent The Runway's luxury clothing rental service, I was more than curious when I first heard Urban Outfitters planned to launch a similar service. While RTR suits me and my big-girl-job just fine, I can only imagine how much my college self would've loved the chance to wear and return all the trending looks I impulse-purchased at my local Urban every weekend. How does Urban Outfitters' Nuuly rental system work, you ask? Good question. Since most people aren't already involved in a rent-to-wear service, it can be a little confusing, so allow me to break it all down and get you hooked on what might be the best thing that's ever happened to your wardrobe.

Per Yahoo, Urban Outfitters will be debuting a program called Nuuly, through which shoppers can pay a monthly fee of $88 to access six pieces of clothing per month. This strategy is definitely similar to Rent The Runway's Update subscription, which allows shoppers to rent four pieces per month at $89. Like the RTR program, Nuuly allows you to buy the pieces you love on the spot. RTR offers discounts on these pieces, but no word yet if Nuuly will do the same.

Of course, there are some major differences:

Unlike RTR, which has stores in which shoppers can browse, you can't pick your Nuuly pieces according to what catches your eye at your Urban Outfitters store. The program is online-only, so shoppers will have to make their best guesses when it comes to sizing and styles. However, this semi-downside also comes with an upside: Shoppers will have access to way more than just what's in Urban stores. According to BBC, offerings from stores including Anthropologie and Free People, which are also owned by URBN Brands, will be a part of the program, as well as brands sold within these shops, including Levi's and Fila, to name a popular few.

Sounds pretty exciting, right?

A few things to note. InStyle states that the service is for womenswear only, so if you gravitate towards menswear or were just looking to stock up on some oversized men's Fila sweats, you won't find them here. Also, Urban has yet to speak on specifics as far as the actual renting policy. When I order online, sometimes I get the size wrong, or just plain don't like the piece IRL. There's no word yet on if sizes or pieces can be swapped at any point during the month. Considering their target audience is young adults, who are ~pretty darn fickle ~ when it comes to their fashion preferences, hopefully this will be an option.

I love Urban Outfitters, so I'm definitely considering giving this a go when it launches:

There's no hard launch date to look forward to yet, but I have no doubt Nuuly be a success. It sounds amazing! Urban Outfitters is wise to jump on the rental bandwagon, and they're not the only retailer who has given this sort of program a chance as of late. American Eagle debuted the American Eagle Style Drop in February, through which shoppers can rent and exchange 3 items at a time per month for about $50. If you get your formalwear from RTR like me, or try out new jeans every month via AE Style Drop, you should definitely considerr giving Nuuly a go to test-drive even more trendy new pieces.

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