This Couple Opened Up About How Cheating Affected Their Relationship & The Video Will Ruin You

by Candice Jalili

ALL RIGHT, EVERYONE. Are you ready to shed some mega tears? Because that's what's about to happen here, so grab some Kleenex, get your mom's number ready to go on speed dial, and let's do this. In a recent episode of a YouTube video series from The Scene called "Broken," a couple in which both parties cheated is featured. Usually, stories of cheating have the same sad overarching message, but this one was a little different. This video sheds an alternative light on how cheating affects a relationship — one much different than we're used to seeing.

While most cheating narratives are heartbreaking and generally just flat-out depressing, this one offers a small glimmer of hope for people who are working through infidelity. I won't give any more spoilers on exactly how that glimmer of hope is delivered before you actually watch the video, but I will say this: It is still sad. They cheated on each other, and trust was betrayed on both ends. It's heartbreaking, and you can literally see the pain and disappointment on both of their faces. But what's inspiring is the way they've taken that heartbreak and turned it into something positive and uplifting.

For those of you who can't watch the video above with sound on at work (suckers), let me provide you with a detailed recap.

The video starts off with one of the most heartbreaking parts of the conversation: Ballesa confronts her girlfriend. "I do remember you FaceTiming me, and you were with her," she says. "You introduced me to her. Was it the same night?"

Her girlfriend, Ana, sitting across from her, admits, "Yeah." That's right. She FaceTimed her girlfriend with the person she proceeded to cheat on her with. In Ballesa's own words, "that's messed up."

But then, we go back in time and take a moment to recap on the earlier, better days.

The couple met when they were living in San Francisco and going to school there together. The two started crushing on each other and finally admitted their feelings.

Ana was taken aback at first, but the two slowly started falling in love. In fact, it was this love that gave Ana the courage to come out to her family.

Then, unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse. Ballesa temporarily moved to Spain, and Ana was scared of what was going to happen while Ballesa was gone. Meanwhile, Ballesa felt like she fell more in love with Ana while she was gone.

That's when it happened. Ana admits, "I did something really unfair." When Ballesa asks if she realized what she had done, she says the most tragic line there ever was: "Yeah, and I died a little inside."

My heart! Someone save it!

As soon as Ballesa came back to town, Ana came clean about what happened. Instead of yelling, Ballesa was silent. "I wanted some space," she explains. But, instead, Ana gave her just the opposite: "In my mind, fighting for you was gonna be reassuring you that I love you."

But it did just the opposite. "I started pushing you away," Ballesa admits. "I just wanted to figure out everything else on my own." That's when the tables turned, and Ballesa cheated on Ana.

After Ballesa admitted what happened, she became the one who was showering Ana with attention and trying to convince her to fight for their relationship. The two both admit that doing so was never easy, but... THEY MADE IT WORK.

If anything, their relationship is now stronger than ever. Ana sees the moment the two started being there for each other as the moment they became "best friends." She elaborates, "I was like, 'This is why I'm in love with you.'"

Yes, our hearts are broken into a million pieces right now... but kind of in a good way, right? Well, obviously, you should avoid infidelity with your partner at all costs, but perhaps Ana and Ballesa provide a bit of a different ending than the painful breakup we're all used to seeing.

So can a couple recover from infidelity? Well, that's still up for debate. But for these two, a reconciliation was possible.

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