If You're Creeped Out By Instagram's New Feature, Here's A Way To Turn It Off

by Collette Reitz
Carl Court/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Instagram is one of those apps that my finger just automatically taps open whenever I have my phone out. Why be bored when you can scroll through all of the memes and perfectly-filtered photos, right? As it turns out, Instagram is now making people aware of exactly how often you are on the app with its new (slightly creepy) update concerning your current Activity Status. It's not a permanent Big Brother situation, though, because there are a couple of steps you can take to regain your privacy. So, how do you turn off Instagram's last active feature?

Thankfully, it's pretty simple to turn off the update that displays your current Activity Status to your followers who you interact with using Instagram Direct messaging. The other good news is that your last active status is only visible within Instagram Direct, and the only people who will be be alerted to your Activity Status are the people who you follow on the app, according to the Instagram website. So, Instagram won't be broadcasting when you were last active right there on your homepage (phew!).

Even though the scope of those people who can see your Activity Status is manageable, you can still turn off the last active feature so that no one will be able to get wise to your Instagram habits.

First off, you'll need to make sure that your Instagram app is updated with version 25 of the app that was released in December 2017, since that is when the Activity Status update was added to the app. Once you've confirmed that your friends do, in fact, know more than they need to about your Instagram life, you can disable the feature that shows when you were last active.

To turn off the Activity Status feature, tap on the "Profile" icon (the circle with your profile picture in it) that is located in the lower right-hand corner of the app. Then, tap on "Settings" (the circle icon just to the right of "Edit Profile") near the top of your profile. Once you're in the Settings, scroll down to where it says "Show Activity Status" and toggle it off. You'll know it is disabled when the bar next to it is white — and then you can continue liking all the adorable puppy photos you want.

Instagram/Screenshot by Collette Reitz

Once you've disabled the visibility of when you were last active on Instagram, you'll also no longer be able to see when other accounts were last active. So when you turn off the Activity Status feature, you're disabling the feature entirely. Honestly, it sounds like it's worth not knowing when other people are tinkering in Instagram for the sake for your own privacy. Everyone's just in it for the likes anyway, right?

Speaking of those coveted double-taps, Instagram also recently released another feature, which you are not going to want to disable. On Tuesday, Jan. 23, Instagram announced that users can now add GIF stickers in their Instagram Stories. The new animated GIF stickers are powered by Giphy, and they are the perfect way to spruce up any Instagram Story. Before you add that next photo or video to your Story, you'll want to pop into the Stickers icon and add some celebratory sparkles or confetti to give it a little something extra.

Considering that these new GIF stickers will have you spending a lot of time on Instagram, it's a good thing that you now know how to keep all of your Instagram activity on the down-low when you disable your Activity Status. Whether you're spending your time filtering your favorite photos from the weekend or seriously upping your Instagram Story game, you can rest easy knowing that the only one aware of your Instagram activity is you.