Someone Tried Making Mac & Cheese But Twitter Got Mad Because It's Not Supposed To Look Like That

by Collette Reitz

Nothing brightens up a work day like knowing you have some tasty treats waiting for you at the office. Somehow, that alarm is just a little easier to wake up to when you know it's potluck day. Well, some office dwellers did not get what they thought they signed up for when one of their coworkers brought in a variation of a classic. Surely, this individual will think twice before signing up to make mac and cheese next time — and if you're wondering how to make your own mac and cheese, try not to do it like this.

According to Eater, Twitter user Jan Levinson, who goes by @coolstoryjanis on Twitter, posted a picture of the mac and cheese that her coworker brought to share at the office's potluck, and Levinson was clearly not pleased. The pictures show some noodles mixed with shredded (not melted) cheese in what looks to be a crockpot. I can see why Levinson might not be totally thrilled at the thought of eating this version of the classic comfort food.

Now, I don't know who made this, and I don't want to be rude, but I just want to know why the cheese isn't melted. Isn't that the whole point of the dish? You get to chow down on some cheesy carbs and be glad it's October and prime layering season.

Here is the tweet of the macaroni and cheese in question.

I understand the disappointment, because mac and cheese is one of the all-time best foods — but I can't help but feel bad for whoever made this. Maybe they didn't read the directions all the way through, or perhaps this was their first attempt at making the dish.

Either way, no one is a winner here (because who is eating that?), and Twitter was definitely not about to just let this go.

One person refused to call the dish by its given name.

To be fair, her description is quite accurate.

People just wanted to figure out where it went wrong.

A for effort?

Some were ready to take this straight to HR.

If you can't get quality mac and cheese at the work potluck, conversations need to be had.

If you're not the mac and cheese on the right three months in, you're lying.

Maybe this was the recipe they used?

Others jumped in with stories of solidarity.

Apparently, mac and cheese isn't the only dish being butchered in the workplace.

The whole concept of office potlucks was then up for debate.

Your payback for constantly hitting "reply all" will come in the form of inedible potluck dishes.

The drink station usually does leave something to be desired.

This good samaritan would not have let this dish go completely untouched.

Talk about taking one for the team.

Again, I can totally understand the disappointment when you go home thinking you're going to jam on some mac and cheese at lunch tomorrow, and then you get to work and see that. I get it, the chilly fall temperatures are finally here to stay, and cheesy comfort food is what you need to get through it.

But, geez, Twitter needs to give whoever made this a break. It can be stressful hoping that others like your cooking, and who hasn't screwed up a recipe before? Yeah, mac and cheese might seem like an easy one to get right, but they didn't. Maybe next time this individual will go with a recipe with which they've experienced more success, or they can always sign up for plate and napkins duty.

Hopefully, the office had some backup boxes of Kraft Mac & Cheese and let this individual off the hook — and maybe they'll redeem themselves when it comes time for the holiday cookie exchange. Remember, you can't go wrong with chocolate chip!

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