19 Women Reveal How They Went From Platonic To Romantic With Their Partners, & Wow
by Candice Jalili
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Being in love with your best friend looks great in the movies but, in reality, it can be a lot trickier. I mean, how are you supposed to transition the relationship into the next level? How do you risk it all and tell them the truth? How do you make a platonic relationship romantic? Well, a recent Reddit AskWomen thread asked ladies to share how they did it in their relationships, and their responses are pretty epic.

Everything changed with one simple question.
“Do you think you could ever see us dating”
“Yes I could”
And now we’re married


They wound up alone together by pure coincidence.
A group of our friends were supposed to go see Iron Man in theaters. For some reason or another everyone canceled but the two of us. There was always silly flirting and banter between the two of us so we got over the initial awkward of hey it’s just us pretty quickly. After the movie, we grabbed dinner and just talked all night. Even after we went our separate ways, we texted all night. Now we’ve been married for seven years and looking back, I can’t thank our friends enough for canceling that day :)


It took her a while to get there, but eventually she did.
We really got to be friends by talking about comics at a coffeeshop. Months later, I already knew he had a crush on me. We spent lots of time together, we knew everything about each other. We got drunk and slept together, I thought it was a mistake at first; I was trying really hard to take a year to just work on myself. Asked to still keep it platonic. So we did. He said he'd rather keep me as a friend than lose me, but he wouldn't stop caring about me. Things went on as they were: I picked him up from work to hang out. We texted in the dead of night. We spent hours together just talking. Then something clicked for me while we were in the car together. I said out loud "DAMNIT, we're dating aren't we?" He said yup. We get married in two weeks.


They started flirting, and it escalated.
We met freshman year of college and became pretty good friends towards the end of that year and throughout the summer before sophomore year. He’s naturally flirty and just a good human and in the back of my head I was thinking, “Wow, he’d make a great boyfriend.”
During sophomore year our friends were making bets on whether we would get together soon because we were getting increasingly flirty around each other. One night we had a sleepover with all our friends and I decided to share a bed with him. He kissed me when it was dark. I liked it. One thing led to another and thus began our relationship.
We kept it from our friends for about a week because we didn’t want them to win the bet. At the end they found out by watching us make out through a window (it was terrifying to open my eyes and see someone staring at us). The person who bet on us was so happy he predicted it that he gave us the money that he had won. It was a winning situation.
He and I are approaching a year together and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been :)


It finally happened when they least expected it.
I’ve known him my entire life (moms are best friends) and have always been friends. Our mothers not so subtlety had hinted over the years at us getting together which only succeeded in pushing us as far away from each other as possible.
It changed when he moved to my city and called me up to talk about a event we were both going to. At the event we sought each other out and ended up talking for close to 3-4 hours. One thing led to another and here were are 2 years later, newlyweds.
We didn’t tell our moms until we had been dating for 3 months and even then they found out through someone who had seen us out.


She eventually realized she was the only person she found to be "good enough" for him.
There was a TV show with a cute sarcastic guy who the main girl could totally be herself with but she kept pursuing someone else. I thought: "gee if that were me, I'd go straight for that cute sarcastic guy who I could really be myself with." Then I realized I was an idiot because my cute amazing sarcastic friend was one of the only people I really truly talked to, in particular about important difficult family stuff happening at the time.
That and I kept trying to set him up but I couldn't find any girls "awesome enough". Whoops. Took me way too long to figure this out.


He told her how he felt.
I have no idea. It just did. It’s like one day we woke up and knew nothing was platonic between us anymore. The watershed moment was him telling me how he felt though!


They shared a "moment" that resulted in a kiss.
By accident. It just sort of happened. I was always attracted to him, but figured he could never feel the same way about me. Then one night we were goofing around, and this "moment" happened and we kissed. I freaked out afterwards assuming it was a mistake that couldn't have meant anything on his end, but it turns out it did. That was a crazy surprise.


It all started with one possibly flirtatious encounter.
I always felt like he was into me, it was really a “known secret” in our friend group even though he wouldn’t admit it, it was still joked about all the time. But we both had other relationships... then once we were both at a get together at a mutual friends house, when we were both simultaneously at the end of our previous relationships. We actually didn’t hook up or anything but just kept kinda awkwardly looking at each other and he was shyly flirting with me (he told me later he wanted to make a move so bad but was scared). A few days later he messaged me and asked if I was flirting... we started talking nonstop and have now been together since December 2016. But he’s admitted he’s loved me for like 5 years. My best love story ever <3


He took interest in her interests.
My sophomore year in hs we ended up having both chemistry and history together. I spent all of first semester walking to class with him and laughing at his jokes and watching him fall asleep during lectures. He started watching one of my favorite shows at the time just to talk to me more, and then eventually he asked me out. I knew I was going to end up falling for him after our first date.Over 2 years later and now we're getting ready to tackle long distance in college. He's my best friend.


She sent him nudes.
I sent him nudes.
Lol. Rest is history.
We've been together for 2 years now.


They were cheated on at the same time.
I was dating her friend while she was dating mine. We both got cheated on around the same time and rebounded off each other. Together 12 years and married for six with three awesome boys.


One drunken sexual encounter changed everything.
One night we got drunk and had sex, and decided we really liked it. We’ve been together for eleven years now.


It took 16 years for a friendship to develop.
We had been friends for 16 years prior. He was in the process of divorce from his first wife and I had just gotten out of a long term relationship myself. We got together to go to a concert and grab some dinner one night and ended up discussing over our meal that after 16 years we’ve always been each others primary support system and why can’t we just support each other, together. We both wanted children, we’d been best friends for eons, and we’ve always been a team, why not capitalize on it? We’ve been inseparable ever since.


All it took was one out of the blue kiss.
He randomly kissed me.
Never looked back.


Their conversations gradually became sexual.
We had only known of each other for a couple months before he messaged me asking if everything was okay randomly one day bc I had seemed upset. We started talking a lot more as friends after that and studying together then one day there was a very easy opening so I took the opportunity to make a dirty joke. He went along and we just kept going with it. We started talking about what we liked to do and then it became what we'd want to do with each other. Things got a lot more flirty after that haha. Now we're dating!


Their relationship was fueled by tequila.
A lot lot LOT of tequila. I woke up in his bed. Waited for the regret to set in... ... eight years and two kids later, still waiting!I adore him. How I didn’t see that straight away, I’ll never know. Sometimes I scare myself wondering what if we’d never had that drunk night...


A casual dinner was the game-changer for them.
Our friend group started making jokes about us dating after him and I casually went out for dinner together one night. We both played along for weeks until the line between jokes and reality blurred. Soon later he admitted he had actual feelings for me!


She told him what she wanted.
I was like I want you to f*ck me and then we did.


So... if you have feelings for your friend, tell them! Or send a nude. Apparently that can work too. Hey, it may not go as well as it did for these women, but at least you got it off your chest!

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