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How Do Relationships Change After Marriage? 14 Married People Got Super Honest About Their Experiences

When you're in the thick of it, it can be hard to imagine that your relationship would ever change in any way. But formally agreeing in the eyes of the law (and sometimes God) to spend the rest of your lives together can actually be the reason for at least some changes in your relationship. But how? How do relationships change after marriage? Well, in a recent thread on Reddit's AskReddit, 14 married people got super honest about the things that changed about their relationship after they decided to tie the knot. And their responses couldn't be more adorable.

If I'm being totally honest with you, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw these responses. I wasn't expecting these responses to be positive. I was expecting most people to complain about barely getting any attention and hardly ever having sex anymore. Basically, I've watched too many old-timey sitcoms and standup specials of people complaining about their bossy spouses. The idea of marriage "changing" a relationship seemed inherently negative to me.

But these responses are far from negative. No, instead, they were all wonderful, beautiful testaments to how fantastic life can be when you decide to spend the rest of your life in matrimonial bliss with the one you love. Read along and prepare to feel all the feels.


He's allowed to call her "dear" now.

He tried calling me "dear" when we were dating. I jokingly told him "don't call me dear, I'm not your wife", he never did it again. Fast forward a few years, we get married and walking out of the court house he whispers in my ear "I can call you dear now". So now he calls me dear and I call him Moose.


They have their own traditions.

Creating 'traditions' together. It is our wedding anniversary this month and I am looking forward to arguing about how big the chunks of bacon should be while making home made pizzas, listening to flashback friday all while wearing my wedding dress.


Their thoughts are totally in sync.

Having the same damn thoughts and voicing them at the same time. 🤦‍♀️


They're finally allowed to sleep in the same bed when they visit grandma.

Sleeping in the same bed together at my grandmother's house. Even though we were living together before we got married!


The bar for date night significantly lowered for them.

Costco is now considered a date so that’s something.


They took interest in each other's chores.

Gardening. She loves it. I see it as more chores, but I love her so I will happily do extra chores to see her happy.


They started drinking coffee together every morning.

My parents both never drank coffee and didn’t really care for the taste of it. Someone gifted them a coffee maker as a wedding present. They tried it out their first morning married and have made coffee every morning since.



The gifts they received were more mature.

My wife and I are both 20 and once we got married we started getting more mature gifts from people like coffee maker and silverware etc., and we started getting excited getting stuff like this. We joke that being excited for these things make us feel like an old couple but it’s still fun. We also joke about our daughter and how she’s more like me or more like her mother and she’s 4 months old right now.


Wearing a ring can be an adjustment.

It's pretty minor, but as a dude, it's still a little weird to be wearing a wedding ring. I'll still fidget it with it in meetings, bang it against things, tap it on glasses...My wife has warned me that, if I swallow the ring, I'll still have to wear it when it comes out, so I try to keep from popping it in my mouth.


Now he hopes he actually does get her pregnant.

Going from ‘I hope she’s not pregnant, to I hope I knock her up!’


They fart in front of each other.

farting around each other


Taking their partner's last name was a big change.

Using my husbands last name.


They got a joint checking account.

Joint checking account. I resisted it for awhile but damn it makes bills and everything so much easier, and we're both financially responsible. I didn't even realize just how much we could put away into savings until we put it all in one account.


Absolutely nothing changed for them.

You know what, nothing. Nothing is different between before or after marriage. We dated many years before getting engaged. Lived together for 3 years before getting married. The wedding was just a confirmation of what we were. Nothing new or different.



To be honest, that last response is the cutest one of all. Nothing changed and, as someone who dreads change with every fiber of her being, I find that incredibly reassuring.