Zac Revealed How He Got Cast On 'The Bachelorette' & It's Too Good

ABC/Craig Sjodin

As one of the most mature and levelheaded men competing for Tayshia Adams' heart on Season 16 of The Bachelorette, Zac Clark has been a frontrunner (and a fan fave) since the beginning. However, Bachelor Nation may have never met the kindhearted addiction specialist if his sister hadn't given him a nudge. On Dec. 1, Zac Clark revealed how he got on The Bachelorette by tweeting a screenshot of a text exchange between him and his sister, Kathryn. "How did I end up on the Bachelorette?" he captioned the photo. "My sister, @KathrynClarkTV, believed in me and took an action! Go believe in someone today!" He also posted the same pic on IG with the caption, "Who needs a dating app when you have @katcannici?"

So how did the convo go down? On March 19, Kathryn texted her brother to ask his height and weight. He provided it and asked, "Getting me a date?" Her response: "I'm going to send in an app for Bachelorette they're recasting 😂." He didn't seem to take her too seriously and simply told her to make it funny. But whatever she did must have worked, because Zac ended up getting cast on the show.

After he posted his tweet, Kathryn quickly retweeted and wrote, "Will always believe in you" with a red heart. You love to see it!

After landing her brother a spot on the show, Kathryn has continued to cheer him on. On Oct. 14, she posted a pic of her and her bro wearing matching "Clarky" T-shirts along with a totally sweet caption. "7 months ago I submitted this guy for The Bachelorette, and here we are. 2020 is wild," she wrote. "Love you Zac and I know everyone watching will too!" Zac then commented with, "Love you sis! You are a legend!!" Someone get this woman a Sibling of the Year award.

Zac posted the same photo on his IG a few days later in honor of Kathryn's birthday. "Please immediately wish my sister, @katcannici, HAPPY BIRTHDAY," he captioned the pic. "She is a bad a** and a hero and one of my rocks. Show her love. Thanks." Kathryn has made several other appearances on Zac's IG grid (as have Kathryn's adorable kids), so it's pretty clear the two have a close bond.

Considering everything Zac has been though over the years, it's good to know he has incredible support from his family as well as his fans. I don't know about y'all, but I'm def #TeamClarky all the way.