Your Top 100 Spotify Playlist For 2018 Includes Your Favorite Songs Of The Year

Courtesy of Spotify

Music lovers, rejoice: Spotify Wrapped 2018 is finally here, and it'll give you a ton of information about your listening habits from the past year. By logging onto the virtual walkthrough, you'll be able to find out which artist you listened to the most in 2018, how many hours you spent listening to them, and so much more. In addition to your data, Spotify will present you with a Top 100 playlist that contains — you guessed it — your top 100 songs of the year. If you're currently listening to your top jams, you might be asking yourself, "How did Spotify pick my Top 100 playlist?" Well, my friend, you were the mastermind behind your Top 100, and I'll tell you why.

In order to create your Top 100 soundtrack for 2018, Spotify analyzed the number of times you listened to each song and placed it in your playlist accordingly. In other words, you controlled which songs landed in your Top 100 throughout the year, whether you knew it or not. The top 100 tunes that you listened to the most landed in your nostalgic playlist, which means you basically created it by yourself. However, you can thank Spotify for crunching the numbers and putting all of your go-to tracks in one place.

If you haven't found your Top 100 playlist of they year yet, you've got a trip down memory lane ahead of you. In order to find it, you can walk through Spotify Wrapped 2018 and take a few steps before your playlist is revealed. Don't worry, though — the steps are fun, but they'll probably make you feel super nostalgic.

To begin the process, you should take a seat, open a new web browser, and visit Once you're there, you can begin the virtual Wrapped journey and start learning about your listening habits from the past year. When you open the page, you'll be asked to connect with your Spotify account. After you've done so, you'll be able to scroll through different categories and find out more about the music you listened to throughout 2018.

Courtesy of Spotify

To start, Spotify will give you the first song and artist that you listened to this year. Then, you'll get to find out how many minutes you spent listening to music altogether, and how many hours you spent listening to your favorite artist. The final step before your Top 100 playlist is revealed will show you your top charts, which will include your top artists, songs, and genres.

After you've gotten through those steps in Spotify Wrapped, you'll finally be presented with a link to your Top 100 playlist. Once you see it, you'll be able to open your playlist on Spotify straight from your web browser. Then, you can save it to your library and listen to your favorite songs as many times as you want.

Again, the songs you hear on your Top 100 playlist are all of the songs that you listened to the most in 2018. That means you can thank yourself for all of the great tunes that are included in your soundtrack — so give yourself a pat on the back and start listening.