This Story About Harry & Meghan Texting Back When They Were Long-Distance Is Adorbs

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Long before they were married, they were just another new couple flirting it up. And how did Prince Harry flirt with Meghan Markle back in the day? Well, it turns out that his royal highness was a big fan of... wait for it... emojis.

For those of you who forgot what life was like before May 19, 2018 when all of our lives changed forever when they officially became the hottest royal couple on the block (OK, Prince William and Kate Middleton are still obviously hot too), long before they got engaged, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were doing the whole long-distance thing.

When they were first introduced by a mutual friend, Meghan was living in Toronto where she was filming Suits and Prince Harry was, obviously, living and attending to his royal duties in London. Like any long-distance couple, the two had to figure out a way to keep the spark alive. And, according to royal reporter Omid Scobie, the royal twosome reportedly did so using their cell phones.

On Yahoo! UK's Royal Box, Scobie just revealed that the two reportedly maintained their LDR just like any non-famous couple would: through direct Instagram messages and texts. Yep, that's right. You read that correctly. They were reportedly DM-ing... which leads me to believe Prince Harry might have a Finsta that he uses outside of his official Kensington Palace account that he shares with Kate, William, and Meghan. According to Elle, that account is run by their staff so odds that he was using it to flirt with Markle back in their heyday are pretty low.

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"We know that Prince Harry has a secret Instagram account, we know that Prince Harry is on Twitter," Scobie said of Harry, who had a secret Facebook account. “Prince Harry told me that he follows a lot of the royal correspondents on Twitter to see what they’re up to. I think he does pay attention to what’s being written about him and, of course, now his wife.”

Markle, on the other hand, had her own personal Instagram account that she could've easily used to, you know, just casually DM the Prince of England on.

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But back to the matter at hand. What were Meghan and Harry's flirtatious exchanges like? Well, according to Scobie, they were super emoji heavy on Harry's end.

"A lot of their early days were spent DMing and texting back and forth," Scobie reported. “Harry loves to use emoji apparently, a lot of emojis."

Emojis, people! Emojis! Prince Harry is an avid emoji user. If this isn't the most adorable little tidbit you've ever heard, I don't know what is.

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"It was just a choice, right? I think that very early on when we realized we were going to commit to each other, we had to invest the time and the energy to make that happen," Meghan said of their courtship in their engagement interview.

Oh man, how time flies by. One day you're sending emojis back and forth over Instagram DM and the next you're married and having a child with the freaking Prince of England. Life works in very mysterious ways.