More Than The Force Connects Kylo Ren & Rey In 'The Last Jedi' & It's Intense

by Ani Bundel

When Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out, the fandom found itself dividing across one really hard, bright line: the Reylos and the anti-Reylos. To translate that for the non-fandom crowd, "Reylo" is shorthand for those who "ship" Kylo Ren and Rey as a couple, and want to see them get together. For those who thought this a nonsensical outcome, there was confidence that the new film would clear any such ideas up. So, what is the Rey and Kylo Ren connection in The Last Jedi? Are the Reylo-shippers on to something? Or is it something else? WARNING: Spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi follow.

Well Reylo-shippers, as someone who thought you guys were nuts, I apologize. Turns out, you were half right. Kylo Ren does indeed appear to have feelings for Rey. Blessedly, thankfully, Rey does not appear to share them. At least, not as he is now.

When Rey and Kylo were first connected via the Force, I have to admit, I worried. This was no Harry Potter and Voldemort connection. This was something more akin to the sort of thing that Leia and Luke might be able to do. But while some might have hoped this would lead to the reveal that Rey is the long lost sister-cousin Skywalker to Ben Solo, I was pretty sure it was not.

So, then what? Was it really that they had feelings for each other? Especially once Rey saw Ben Solo shirtless?


The emotional attachment vibes only got stronger when Rey insisted she had to go to Ben Solo, that he was in there, that she could save him. And the replay of the Return of the Jedi scene in Snoke's throne room, where Rey and Kylo Ren were basically Luke and Vader to Snoke's Palpatine, only bolstered that argument... especially when Kylo killed Snoke rather than Rey.

The evidence continued to mount when Kylo Ren admitted to Rey he had looked inside her and seen who her parents were. Despite Snoke claiming that it was he who connected the two of them, their connection clearly went past what Snoke envisioned, which was mostly an entrapment to bring Rey to the Dark Side and give him Skywalker.

And why would Kylo be looking up who her parents were? Unless he was just double-checking to make sure there was no incest issues at play. (Too bad Luke didn't think to do that with Leia before that Empire Strikes Back kiss.)

And look at his response: "Your parents were nobodies. To the world you're a nobody... but not to me."

(Okay, fine, it's no "I know," but Kylo clearly didn't inherit his father's way with a catchphrase.)

For those who feared Rey might reach out and take Kylo's hand, and believe him that the world thought she was nobody, those fears were misplaced. Instead, she refused him and walked away. She might have had feelings for Ben Solo. But he's dead.

Kylo Ren is now the Supreme Leader of the First Order and ruler of the Galaxy. (Seriously, Hux just needs to bow down, because it's getting embarrassing.) But he's also all alone.

Rey, on the other hand, has the last of the old guard by her side, with Leia holding her hand and Luke's Force Ghost almost certain to turn up and advise her in Episode IX. She's not nobody either. The looks on the faces of the last of the Resistance when she floated those rocks said so. She's part of that spark that will light the fire that will take out the First Order.

We're sure the story of Rey and Kylo Ren's relationship isn't over by any stretch yet. But a Reylo-ship? Sorry, that looks to be out of the picture.