How A Gemini Acts When They're In Love Is So Obvious, You'll Never Be Able To Miss It

So, despite all the warnings the astrology community has given you, you've gone and done the ridiculous by falling for a Gemini. Well, who can blame you? You probably can't get enough of their clever way with words, the flirtatious game they play, and how they always make things so much more interesting. You know where your heart lies, but where does theirs? You've heard they're flighty and superficial, so is any of this actually real? Well, I'm here to set the record straight and say that you can tell by how a Gemini acts when they're in love. Allow me to explain.

Sure, they make you blush and laugh, but you can't help but notice that they kind of do that to everyone. They're so good at charming a room that it's not always easy to tell whether they're actually in love with you, or they're just really good at seeming like they are. You'd like to know what you're in for so that you don't land yourself in an "unrequited love" type of situation. Well, truth be told, a Gemini does have behaviors that give themselves away. If you know how to spot them, you'll know everything you need to know about what's inside your Gemini's heart (no matter how hard they try to hide it).

They Never Want To Stop Talking To You

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which happens to be the planet of communication and cognitive function. Have you ever noticed how much a Gemini likes talking? Have you also noticed just how many questions they ask and how much new information intrigues them? Well, chances are that if they never want to stop talking to you and getting to know you, that Gemini is probably enamored with you. Seriously, a Gemini that's in love is up all night on the phone talking to or texting the person they desire. They don't need to dream when reality feels more beautiful.

They Introduce You To Their Friends And Family

A Gemini that's trying to keep things casual, or at least take their time before falling in love with you, is probably trying to keep you separate from the rest of their life. After all, they don't take emotional attachment lightly, so they'd rather not bring you around to meet their loved ones until they're positive they're in love. However, when they are, you'll be meeting their friends and family in no time. And, when you do meet them, they'll already know every single thing about you because your Gemini won't shut up about you.

They Want You To Be Part Of Their Plans

For how bubbly and social Geminis are, you may be surprised to know that they actually need plenty of alone time in order to recharge. In fact, it's not uncommon for them to retreat from the world for a while, only to reappear once again as though no time has passed at all. However, when a Gemini is in love, they won't be going anywhere. If they feel like retreating, they'll want to retreat with you. They'll make sure you're involved in all of their plans, because at the end of the day, not many people actually know who a Gemini really is. If they're in love with you, chances are, it's because you do.

They're Actually Somewhat Possessive Of You

Free-spiritedness characterizes everything that a Gemini is. They desire freedom to do what they want and the space to be who they are. However, even though they prefer not to become responsible for too much emotional commitment, a Gemini that's actually in love might be somewhat possessive of their partner (in a light-hearted way, of course). The thing is, there are so few people who truly and deeply fascinate a Gemini at the same time as they make them feel safe. When they find someone who does, they want hold onto that person and never let go.