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This Is How 6 Iconic Cartoon Bedrooms Would Look IRL

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After watching episode after episode of your favorite animated show, it's hard not to imagine what everything in that world would look like IRL. It's always the bedrooms of your favorite characters that seem to perfectly match their personality, and you may wish you could redesign your room to fit your aesthetic as well. For a little inspiration, Budget Direct revealed how iconic cartoon bedrooms would look in real life.

The guessing has been taken out of the whole equation, because the Budget Direct team designed mock-ups of six rooms of some of the most popular cartoon characters. You can finally see what Sailor Moon's fluffy comforter would look like on top her bed, and all the real-life posters on the wall of Tina Belcher's room in Bob's Burgers.

With animation, anything is possible. That means the animators can get super creative in designing these bedrooms — but what if they had to abide by the laws of reality? Well, that's the kind of realness you need in order to be inspired for your own space. Now, it's like taking your "what if" dream bedroom and seeing how easily you can translate that from the furniture and decor you can find in a store.

Morty's Room From 'Rick And Morty'
Budget Direct

Morty's bedroom from Rick and Morty perfectly captures his love of science with a magnet poster and planetary rug. You can try to achieve a similar look by putting posters of your favorite things on your walls. You could even get a cool rug for your floor, like this galaxy statement rug (, $138).

Tina's Room From 'Bob's Burgers'
Budget Direct

Of course Tina Belcher's bedroom would be pink and purple with horse decor throughout. If you have major heart eyes for Tina's cute room, you might want to find some accent furniture that's pretty in pink, like this pink dresser (, $400).

Serena Tsukino's Room From 'Sailor Moon'
Budget Direct

Serena Tsukino is your typical schoolgirl... who just so happens to be the leader of the Sailor Soldiers. In her real-life bedroom, you can see subtle nods to her alter ego with a whimsy moon comforter. Treat yourself to a celestial comforter set (, $100), too, if you're totally inspired by this space.

Doug Funnie's Room From 'Doug'
Budget Direct

Doug is a classic Nickelodeon show that you likely think of when the nostalgia hits. TBH, you always wanted to have Doug's bedroom where he wrote in his journal every night with his dog, Porkchop, by his side.

Now, you can achieve something similar by drawing inspiration from this room design. Add a few of your favorite band's posters to your wall, and invest in vintage-looking speakers (, $135) so you can dance around like no one's watching.

Glimmer's Room From 'She-Ra And The Princesses of Power'
Budget Direct

If you're unfamiliar with She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, it's a reboot of the 1980s TV show. This bedroom design shows Princess Glimmer's glamorous purple space. While you may not be able to put a golden staircase in your place, you can add little golden accents throughout like a whimsy mirror with a gold frame (, $59).

Finn's Room From 'Adventure Time'
Budget Direct

Finn and Jake go on fantastical adventures in the show Adventure Time. Finn's treehouse bedroom in the series looks like something straight out of a fairy tale. To achieve the aesthetic of this room, you can incorporate some reclaimed wood furniture (, $299) pieces into your space.

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