You Can Book A Room As Low As $48 For Valentine’s Day Using HotelTonight

Valentine's Day is in less than 48 hours. If you have been procrastinating on a gift for that special someone in your life, keep reading. HotelTonight's last minute Valentine's Day deals are here to be your saving grace. The company reports that the average cost of a room on Valentine's Day is less than what you'd pay dining out at a fancy prix fixe meal for two. Plus, hotels often come with lots of fun perks (the pool/hot tub situation is an added bonus). If you haven't found the perfect present or if time has truly slipped away from you, take a good look at these amazing hotel rates.

HotelTonight has crunched the numbers on the best Valentine's Day deals in your city. According to the discount hotel booking website, the average daily rate for a hotel room on Valentine's Day is $152. That's really not so bad. The company estimates that the average price of a prix fixe dinner for two is about $180. Think about it this way: You could spend several hours dining out for $180, or you could spend roughly $152 for a 12-hour (or longer) stay in a hotel room.

It's your call, but booking a hotel room might get you the most bang for your buck depending on where you are looking to stay. According to HotelTonight, rooms in major cities like Miami, London, Los Angeles, Cabo, and Napa (hello, wine country) are hanging about 20 percent lower on HotelTonight when compared to other travel booking websites.

The following list includes the average daily rate for hotels checking in on Thursday, Feb. 14 and checking out on Friday, Feb. 15:

  • Las Vegas, $48
  • Denver, $86
  • Orlando, $108
  • Chicago, $103
  • Washington, D.C., $94
  • New York City, $110
  • Boston, $159
  • Napa, California, $184
  • New Orleans, $111
  • Philadelphia, $124
  • London, $99
  • Rome, Italy, $101

Room rates tend to get cheaper the closer you get to the date you want to stay, per HotelTonight. To find a last minute room, visit the HotelTonight website. Sometimes its fun to get out of the house and have a mini staycation in your city — or travel to a town nearby for a quick trip with your Valentine. Keep in mind that HotelTonight can unlock special savings on certain hotels that you might not be able to find on other travel websites, according to the company.

I'm personally not a dozen red roses kind of girl. I'd always rather go out on an adventure and spend money on an experience of some kind. In fact, a study conducted by researchers at Cornell University found that people are generally happy when they spend their money on experiences and not things. (Of course, a delicious dinner at my favorite restaurant is definitely my idea of a Valentine's Day treat. But, so is playing tourist.) I would never think to book a hotel room to celebrate Valentine's Day but these average daily rates have me rethinking my plans.

Not to mention all of the perks that come with hotels. Hotels typically come equipped with a pool, steam room, spa, and restaurant all in one spot. Even if you do splurge on a hotel room, a visit to the on-site spa or to the hotel bar may be worth the extra money this Valentine's Day. All you procrastinators can thank HotelTonight later for this genius idea.