This Fyre Fest Valentine's Day Card Is Part Of A Brand New Millennial AF Collection

Let's face it: Dating can get awkward, especially during that time frame when you don't really know how serious your "fling" is getting. Of course, that awkwardness is only heightened whenever Valentine's Day comes around, because gift giving is involved (eek). Should you get your bae of two months a box of chocolates, or would a card suffice? Thankfully, two companies have merged to make your decision a little bit easier. I'm referring to Hinge x Society6 Valentine's Day cards for millennials, which are honestly perfect. Not only do they say what you're definitely thinking, but they also use pop culture references that Generation Y will appreciate. There's no doubt in my mind that your bae of however long will love unwrapping one of 'em.

Before I get into the card choices, let's talk about who Hinge and Society6 are. If you're on dating apps (or have been in the past), you might've used Hinge. According to the company's website, it's a relationship app that's "designed to be deleted." Society6, on the other hand, is an online shop where customers can purchase artist-designed goods (such as posters, iPhone cases, stationary cards, and more). Combined, two the companies created aesthetically pleasing and downright #relatable Valentine's Day cards for millennials in the dating scene.

Hinge x Society6

The collection, which was unveiled on Jan. 30, 2019, features various cards that'll help anyone who's dating express how they're feeling on Feb. 14. Whether they're a few weeks into a relationship or seeing someone without the label, there's a message for everyone. According to an email sent to Elite Daily, the cards were created by 15 independent artists within Society6's marketplace — and I want to give each one of them a round of applause.

Before you stand up and start clapping for everyone behind the cards' designs and artwork, you're probably wondering what they say. In order to find out, you'll have to locate them.

For starters, all of the cards can be found on Society6's website in its seasonal collection. There are 16 cards listed on the webpage, and each one of them features a message that'll help you express yourself when Valentine's Day comes around. I won't list all of them (you can look through them at your own convenience), but I will talk about a few of my favorites.

Since I'm currently in a Fyre Festival state of mind (thank you, Netflix), I'm a huge fan of the Fyre Festival-themed Valentine's Day card. It says, "I'd go to Fyre Festival and back for you." How cute, am I right?


Another favorite of mine (mainly because I'm craving Pad Thai) says, "Let's order takeout and make out." Yes, please.


The last one I'll talk about really speaks to me, because I am constantly second guessing myself when it comes to dating. It says, "Is it weird that I got you a Valentine's day card?"


Again, you can look for your own favorites on Society6's website. If you end up liking a handful of them, you can currently buy three of them for $4.99. To score your cards in time for Valentine's Day (that's the point, isn't it?), make sure you place your order by 3 a.m. ET on Feb. 3.

Again, regardless of how long your "fling" has been happening, these cards will help you express your feelings. Place your orders ASAP and and start thinking about what you're going to write inside of 'em.