We've Got Your Official 'Jessica Jones' Season 1 Recap, So Refresh Your Memory ASAP

by Ani Bundel

Jessica Jones Season 2 is just around the corner, arriving with a new set of 13 episodes on Netflix on Thursday, March 8, 2018. It's been a while since we last saw Jess in her natural habitat. Last fans saw her, she was teamed up with The Defenders, taking down One Midland Circle and the Hand. But how did Jones get there and what happened to her in the first season? If you haven't watched since 2015, here's our Jessica Jones Season 1 recap to help jog your memory about the most important points.

The most important thing about Jessica Jones for fans to remember is that she is a superhero on par with Captain America. She has super strength and jumps so high people think she can fly. But she's not running around after dark in a silly costume. She has no interest in being a hero. Rather than save the world, she's using her powers for her day job, a private eye.

Jessica wants more than anything to live an ordinary life. She's been traumatized so much, first in gaining her powers after her family was killed in an accident, and then by her first relationship, she's dived down into a bottle of booze, from which she may never come out.

So, who are the people around Jessica, and what happened to them in the first season? Let's dive into the story of the unwilling superhero, Jessica Jones.

Luke Cage


Jessica's obsessed with Luke Cage, the dude who will be getting his own show next. We get to see him fight by her side and bang her so hard they break the bed.

Their relationship doesn't last long. Jessica is the reason Luke's wife, Reva Connors, is dead. Jessica killed her. Not because she wanted Luke, but because she was ordered to.



Back when Jessica was still considering taking up vigilante superheroism as a hobby, she met Kilgrave, the boyfriend who used her powers against her. He's the one who ordered her to kill Reva.

Kilgrave is a superpowered person, too. He has mind control, forcing people to bend to his will. He wants Jessica because she's the first person strong enough to fight his control, and the only person to tell him no.

Trish Walker


Trish Walker is a former child star turned radio personality, aka minor NYC celebrity. When Jessica's family died in the accident, it was Trish's family who took her in. (Trish's mom did it as a publicity stunt because she wanted her daughter's ratings to go up.) Jessica hates Trish's mom, but she and Trish are tightly knit.

Kilgrave threatens Trish, using whoever he can to try and harm her to get Jessica to come back to him.

Hope Shlottman


The daughter of the clients that Kilgrave sends to Jessica. He dates Hope, forces her to move in with him and stop allowing her parents to see her, so they go to Jones for help. Once he has Jessica's attention, he has Hope kill them. Jessica then decides to fight to prove Hope innocent.

Hope is pregnant with Kilgrave's kid and has an abortion. (The remains of which are studied to find a "powered" gene.) She goes on Trish's show at the advice of her lawyer to pull Kilgrave out of the woodwork, then dies by suicide so that Jessica will be free to take down Kilgrave herself.

Jeri Hogarth


Jessica's boss, Hope's lawyer, and one of the best characters. Jeri is a lying, cheating jerk of a hard-nosed lawyer, complete with jilted wife Karen, trophy girlfriend, Pam, and a messy divorce.

Kilgrave uses said divorce to his advantage. After getting what he needs out of Jeri (which is a free ride to the hospital after he's injured), he tells Karen to kill Jeri with a death by a thousand cuts, but Pam arrives and saves Jeri by killing Karen. It's a relationship disaster for all involved.



Jessica's junkie neighbor, who Jessica realizes was turned into a junkie by Kilgrave to get him to stalk Jessica.

Kilgrave needs to see the person every 12 hours to keep the control. Since he only sees Malcolm every 24 hours, he gets the kid hooked on drugs to keep him coming back. That's the kind of horrid stuff Kilgrave does to people to get what he wants, leaving a trail of dead, broken, and damaged people in his wake.

Will Simpson


The cop that initially tries to kill Trish at Kilgrave's behest winds up as her boyfriend. (Trish's taste in men is not the best.) He attempts to turn himself into a superhero to protect her and Jessica using speed stimulants. Even when Kilgrave isn't screwing with someone's head, the experience of having one's head screwed with can lead to very bad life choices down the line.

Dr. Kozlov


The doctor who seems to be able to heal Will Simpson magically with a few pills after his incredibly stupid superhero wannabe act gets him nearly killed by Kilgrave.

Before the season is over, Kozlov takes Simpson and disappears. But not before Jessica learns that Kozlov worked for a company known by the initials "IGH," who also paid her medical bills after the accident that killed her parents.

Kilgrave's Dead


After following Kilgrave through all the death and destruction, Jessica realizes she has to kill him.

When she does, she is arrested and reveals herself and her powers to the world. The police, many of whom had bad run-ins with Kilgrave, let the charges drop. The show closes with clients out the door asking her for help.

Jessica Jones Season 2 arrives on Netflix on Thursday, March 8, 2018.