Danielle Cohn rocks a maroon crop top.

Danielle Cohn Is Getting Dragged Over A "Foolish" Mistake In Her Latest Music Video

Rich Fury/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Creating cover songs is tricky territory. Sometimes, musicians make cover tracks that are even better then the original, but, other times, a perfectly good bop gets butchered in the process. When TikTok star Danielle Cohn covered Ashanti's "Foolish" on the app, there were some very divided opinions. Many dragged the Cohn for her latest cover, but the reason why is a little more complicated than a bad cover.

Cohn's 18.3 million TikTok followers are not shading her because they dislike the cover song (though, many definitely do not like it), but because she completely failed to give Ashanti credit for the original track.

"New Music video is out," she wrote on Sept. 4 when sharing a video of her singing Ashanti's throwback hit. Nowhere in the video was Ashanti's name mentioned, and fans are now fuming. Many were quick to point out she never gave Ashanti credit on TikTok, and claimed the post was misleading seeing as her young fanbase probably doesn't know who Ashanti is.

"How you gonna try to produce music and not even come up with your own song?" one comment read. "Chile not you taking Ashanti's song" another wrote.

After seeing the shade-filled comments, Cohn addressed the situation on Twitter. "Do people not understand what a cover is," she wrote on Sept. 6, though, not to her critics' satisfaction.

You can see Cohn's full cover of "Foolish" below.

Cohn even released a line of merch (a line of joggers and sweaters that have the words "I am foolish for you" scrawled across the front) in tandem with her cover song, but, again, failed to make mention of Ashanti on her site.

"Foolish" may have been a cover, but Cohn has made her own original music in the past. In June, she released her song and video titled "Do It Better." As she told HollywoodLife on June 19, the song was a tribute to her boyfriend, fellow social media star Mikey Tua. “My relationship with my boyfriend was the inspiration for this song. I wanted a song that represents everything we’ve gone through and how we are stronger than ever,” she shared.

Cohn's already built somewhat of a controversial name for herself on social media, but the recent saga over her "Foolish" cover is bringing critics out in full force.