These New Yes Way Rosé Cans Will Be Your Favorite Sips During Patio Season

Courtesy of Yes Way Rosé

I know it doesn't always feel like it, but spring — aka the gateway to patio season — is very much here. With April just a few days away, you can bet that I'm already dreaming of warmer weather and spending my afternoons seeing the world through rosé-tinted glasses. IMHO, rosé is pretty much the ubiquitous summer drank, which is why I was so pumped when I heard Yes Way Rosé is offering a portable way to transport your favorite warm weather sips. Here’s where to get Yes Way Rosé cans, because who doesn't want a more convenient way to consume everyone's favorite pink wine?

Starting in April, you can say "Yes way" to your Rosé all day fantasies, thanks to the brand's newest offering in collaboration with Target. The Yes Way Rosé brand previously caught my eye due to its impossibly chic packaging and catchy phrase. It's like someone said, "It's rosé, but make it fashion," and co-creators Erica Blumenthal and Nikki Huganir definitely delivered.

They've elevated the brand into a lifestyle company that now sells high-quality Rosé and Bubbly crafted in the south of France, as well as a book aptly titled Yes Way Rosé: A Guide To the Pink Wine State of Mind, which schools readers on how to see their lives through rosé-tinted glasses. You know, just in case you needed the ultimate coffee table addition.

Now, they're taking their next step by bottling their Yes Way Rosé into can form, and you can find these 'Gram-worthy additions at your closest Target, according to the brand's website. Seriously, though, how cute are these goodies?

Courtesy of Yes Way Rosé

Per the website description, here's what you can expect when you pop open your can:

Ideal for warm beach days and basking in the sun poolside, the graphically patterned cans debut a new signature icon for the Yes Way Rosé brand: our modern monogram rose logo.

In each can, you can expect 250 ml of your favorite pink wine, which translates to about one and a half glasses of boozy liquid. Just like the bottles of the brand's OG rosé, you'll find a classic Provençal-style rosé that's based from organic Grenache grapes grown in the south of France.

Per the website, you can expect a dry flavor profile with an "elegant bouquet of strawberry, citrus, and stone fruit" and the blush coloring that you know and love. For all those summer occasions when toting a glass bottle around just isn't an option (i.e. poolside or by the beach), these 250 ml cans promise to be a convenient and completely refreshing lifesaver.

Courtesy of Yes Way Rosé

According to a Yes Way Rosé rep, customers can purchase 4-packs of these light pink libations at Target locations for just $16.99. While Target will be the sole retailer of the cans when they roll out in April 2019, I wouldn't be surprised if the brand eventually decides to expand the product to other grocery and convenience stores. When I searched, it looks like Yes Way Rosé (the brand's OG unbubbly pink wine) is currently sold at Target, 7-Eleven, and a number of liquor and grocery outlets.

With the start of Rosé season just around the corner, I'd recommend stocking up on these convenient cans so that you're prepared to rosé all day — no matter your surroundings.