The Celebration Churro at Disneyland tastes like birthday cake.

Disneyland's New Birthday Cake Churro Comes With A Funfetti Marshmallow Dipping Sauce

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After nearly 14 months, Disneyland celebrated its April 30 reopening for California residents with the release of a limited-edition treat. Disneyland is now serving up a birthday cake-flavored churro that comes with a marshmallow dip with sprinkles to brighten up your tastebuds and your Instagram — and it's so easy to find in the park. If you're a resident of the Golden State, here's where to get the Celebration Churro at Disneyland for a celebratory return to the park.

The incredibly aesthetic limited-edition offering, which has been appropriately dubbed the "Celebration Churro," starts with a plain churro base decorated with a dusting of blue sprinkles rather than cinnamon. The icing on the cake is the marshmallow dipping sauce, which costs an extra $1 and features multi-colored confetti sprinkles. By itself, the specialty churro costs $5.75, but according to numerous bloggers who've tried it, pairing it with the dip is a must and gives it that "extra oomph."

If you're a resident of California and you'll be visiting Disneyland soon, you can try the Celebration Churro yourself by visiting the churro cart at the front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle right before you enter Fantasyland, according to info shared online from multiple Disney food bloggers. Keep in mind that mobile order is not available for this offering, so you'll have to order it at the actual stand.

While the light blue coloring of the churro makes it a head-turning addition to any of your Instagram Stories, flavor-wise, it's actually pretty familiar. According to posts from Instagram bloggers @Code_Word_Disney and @LidoCravesDisney, the treat itself tastes pretty similar to a traditional churro (just with blue sprinkles) and doesn't really boast any specific birthday cake flavors. However, the marshmallow dip "completely dominates" the overall taste, per @Code_Word_Disney's post, making for a "deliciously sweet churro" you'll want to try during your day at the park.

While the Celebration Churro will only be available for a limited time, per @LidoCravesDisney's account, the silver lining is that you can expect Disneyland to get back to its habit of rolling out specialty treats now that it's started reopening its doors to the public. So, if you're not a California resident and you miss out on documenting this 'Gram-worthy churro, you can still keep an eye out for many tasty summer offerings to debut in the coming months.

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