Teavana's Expanded At-Home Offerings Include A Sparkling Blood Orange Mango White Tea Flavor

Courtesy Of Teavana

Whether you prefer spending sunny days by the pool or if you're stuck working in your stuffy office, there is seriously no denying that iced tea is perfect for getting you into the summer mood. You may have heard that Teavana recently introduced a new addition to its already-extensive lineup of bubbly ready-to-drink teas and that they're becoming more widely available than ever before. So if you're looking to try them for yourself, here's where to get Teavana's Sparkling Craft Iced Teas. Definitely make a point to try all three flavors.

On May 15, Teavana announced the expansion of its ready-to-drink (RTD) sparkling teas, and as an avid summer enthusiast, I'm beyond psyched to get my hands on each one. Although they are not all currently available at Starbucks restaurants, according to the brand, they are available at select grocery stores nationwide. You can locate all three flavors through Teavana's website, and you'll notice that joining the two original flavors — Sparkling Blackberry Lime Green Tea and Unsweetened Sparkling Peach Nectarine Green Tea — comes its latest and greatest creation, Sparkling Blood Orange Mango White Tea. If you ask me, it sounds refreshing AF.

Teavana's latest and greatest bubbly flavor is called Sparkling Blood Orange Mango White Tea, which combines fresh white tea, hints of orange peel and notes of champagne mango, according to the website. All of that is blended with with all-natural cane sugar, sans any artificial flavoring.


Next is Teavana's already-popular Sparkling Blackberry Lime Green Tea. According to the website, it blends green tea with hints of lime, along with a pop of flavorful berries and all-natural cane sugar.


Finally, there is the Unsweetened Sparkling Peach Nectarine Green Tea, which boasts delicious hints of white peach and nectarine, along with lemongrass and hibiscus. It has no added sugar, but it's incredibly flavorful nonetheless.


According to Teavana, each 14.5-fluid ounce bottle of its Sparkling Teavana tea drinks are offered for a suggested retail price of $2.39. In my opinion, however, a lil taste of summer is totally priceless.

These ready-to-drink bubbly beverages join the full lineup of Teavana Craft Iced Teas, some of which are available at Starbucks locations. You can choose from a total of nine unique flavors, which boast plenty of sweetened and unsweetened options, according to the website. All of them are brewed from all-natural botanicals and teas, minus any artificial ingredients. If you're ready for summer and as tea-obsessed as I am, this is definitely something to get excited about.

Summer is coming up really, really quickly, and IDK about you, but I'm definitely getting excited to bask in the sun, take cute outdoor pics, and — most importantly — drink all of the summery beverages I've been hoarding to ring in the nice weather. And if you've already tried Teavana's OG sparkling flavor, definitely make a point to try the new Sparkling Blood Orange Mango White Tea. It basically sounds like it has every flavor of summer in it, so I'd make sure you put it on your list for your next grocery run.