Here's Where To Get Oatly Oat Milk If You're Looking For A New Dairy Alternative

Back in the day, most people who refrained from consuming dairy were either labeled vegan or lactose intolerant. But in the last decade, cutting down on milk, cheese, and yogurt has become increasingly popular, and so have dairy alternatives such as soy, almond, and — the best of them all — oat milk. And if you're looking to try the latter option, here's where to get Oatly Oat Milk, for one of the creamiest dairy alternatives out there.

"But what exactly is oat milk?" you are probably asking, especially if you haven't already tried the popular dairy alternative. Obviously, oats don't lactate like cows, sheep, and goats do. LOL. But, according to Shape Magazine, it has a similar consistency to the dairy milk you most likely grew up drinking. Oat milk is made from steel-cut oats or whole grain oats, which are soaked in water, blended, and strained with either a cheesecloth or some sort of specialty nut milk back. Even though the leftover grain contains most of the nutrients, the milk derived from the oats still maintains a decent amount of protein and fiber.

Anyone who is relatively well-versed in the oat milk market has most likely tried Oatly — according to an article from Business Insider, it's actually the superior oat milk brand. Not only is it gluten-free and vegan, but most importantly, it seamlessly blends into coffee, making for the perfect latte or iced coffee. While it appears to trump most other milks on the oat milk spectrum, according to popular opinion, it's also incredibly easy to find, despite that scary shortage which had oat milk loyalists worried last year.


That's right — you don't have to scout out a small vegan grocery store or a local farm stand to find yourself a carton of Oatly. In fact, it's available at a variety of major grocery retailers, from Whole Foods to ShopRite to Target, according to the brand's online locator. It's also available in a wide range of small, local grocery stores and at coffee shops. If you're not sure where to buy it in your neighborhood, try entering your zip code on the brand's locator to see where it's available. You can also buy it directly from Oatly's website, via Amazon, or even from Instacart. That way, you can have it shipped to your home without having to hunt it down on your own.

Oatly's impressive line of dairy free products spans far beyond milk. According to PureWow, the brand recently launched a frozen dessert made entirely from oat milk, which will become available at a variety of retailers over the course of 2019. It will include seven flavors of "ice cream," from chocolate, to vanilla, strawberry, coffee, mint chip, chocolate chip, and — of course — oat. If you ask me, it's about to seriously slay the dairy-free ice cream game. And as someone who tries to stay away from dairy products, that will make me one happy camper.

If you're trying to go against the grain by cutting down on your dairy consumption (LOL), switching to oat milk is a solid place to start. And luckily, Oatly isn't hard to find, making the transition almost seamless. Between the brand's classic line of milks — as well as its new line of dairy free ice cream — Oatly is truly changing the game.