These Mermaid Life Jackets For Dogs Mean Your Pup Can Paddle In Style

Your pup can channel his or her inner Ariel this summer, thanks to the fact that mermaid life jackets for dogs now exist — and are just as adorable as you'd expect. TBH, I can't promise that your four-legged friend won't not-so-secretly hate you for strapping them in to one of these shimmery contraptions, but the cuteness factor might just be worth it. Here's where to get mermaid life jackets for dogs if you're ready to make your pup's next doggy paddling excursion so 'Gram-worthy.

If you and your furry companion are ready to make a splash at the pool this summer, I'd recommend checking out this year's lineup of Ariel-approved pool life preservers for dogs. Just in time for patio season, various companies are rolling out mermaid life jackets for dogs so that they can get in on the pool, ocean, and lake action without you having to worry about their safety — and the best part is that you can get these stylish babies delivered to your door hassle-free.

One offering that caught my eye is from Albabara, which, according to People, is currently offering a shimmery blue life preserver in four different sizes on Amazon. According to the product description, you're getting both functionality and style with the life jacket, which retails starting at $22.99 for a small size and features a scaled fish tale.

From the sounds of things, the company put as much time and effort in the ultra-adorable design as the safety of the vest, which I think that any fur parent will appreciate. In addition to an adjustable velcro and buckle design for a custom fit as well as a handle on the back that lets you easily grab your pet if you need to, there's also "reflective strips for visibility, thick foam for better float and neck pad for holding the pet's head better," according to the product description.


Whether your pup is learning how to swim or you just want to give him or her some extra support during a longer period in the water, you won't have to worry about your pet's safety while he or she is happily doggy paddling around. Once your pup gets out of the water, the life jacket functions similarly to a harness with a D-ring in the back where you can clip your leash.

Another option that caught my eye is from Cutypet, which offers a 'Gram-worthy mermaid life preserver in pink. Prices start at $15.99 and it's available on Amazon in five different sizes from XS through XL, so you can make sure that your pooch gets the best fit possible.


As every dog parent knows, not every fur baby is a mermaid. If you want to help your pup channel his or her inner shark, I'd recommend checking out the brand's shark-inspired life jacket, which is also available in five sizes on Amazon and starts at $20.99.


If I'm being completely honest, I have a feeling that your dog will probably be giving you some serious side-eye while you're putting them in one of these suits, but hey, at least they'll stay afloat and look freaking cute while they're doing it.

Pool season is now well-underway, so I'd recommend checking out the different options so that your pooch can make some waves the next time you hit the water together.