Chocolate Peanut Butter Yoo-Hoo Exists & It'll Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

Y'all, I have a pretty embarrassing confession: Back in the day, my lunchbox wasn't filled to the brim with cool, nostalgic '90s treats. My mom never bought Capri Sun, I never got to try Dunkaroos, and Snack Packs were totally off-limits. Oh, and Yoo-hoo's? Those were definitely out of the question — no ifs, ands, or butts. But everyone's favorite chocolate drink just came out with a tasty new flavor, and I'm totally determined to get my fix, at long last. So, here's where to get Chocolate Peanut Butter Yoo-hoo if you, too, are looking to make up for too many lost years without it.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Yoo-hoo sounds like the unicorn of sweet treats, but thankfully, you don't have to travel all the way to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory just to get your hands on a box. All you have to do is venture to your nearest Walmart, and you'll most likely find a 10-pack sitting in the snack aisle. However, the best part is that you don't have to leave the house to get them. If you're feeling lazy, you can order it to your doorstep on Walmart's website. Easy as that. Needless to say, my Netflix nights are about to get incredibly lit.

Yoo-hoo's "Chocolate Peanut Butter Drink" might actually be everything I could ever want in life. Don't get me wrong — I'm sure their OG "Chocolate Drink" is absolutely heavenly, but this literally sounds like a drinkable Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. And the idea of of drinking a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup from a straw sounds kind of unreal.

The consensus on Yoo-hoo's latest creation has been overall quite positive. Notorious snack lover and popular Instagram user, @TheJunkFoodAisle, got their hands on Chocolate Peanut Butter Yoo-hoo from the snack shelf at Walmart. After trying it, they awarded it a generous 3.1 stars. If I'm being completely honest, anything that scores above three stars is a total winner in my book. I am so down.

I'm basically on a rampage to fulfill all of my childhood cravings RN, and thankfully, Oreo O's recently came back to snack shelves nationwide. I definitely need to snag some, like, as soon as possible. After they were discontinued way back in 2007, Oreo O's made a glorious comeback in summer 2017. I never got to taste a bowl of that crunchy looking deliciousness, but I'm totally ready to start my mornings like I should have a long time ago. But I'll need some Saturday morning cartoons to go along with it, please and thank you.

Walmart also apparently sells Sunny-D in the form of gummies, and I'm hella psyched to try them as well. Although I missed out on the orangey beverage as a kid, I know these gummies are right up my alley. Apparently, each chewy candy maintains a citrusy "liquid center," and they come in orange and strawberry flavors. Based on the packaging, it looks like each "naturally and artificially flavored" gummy is engraved with a tiny Sunny D logo, and if that isn't the cutest thing ever, then I don't really know what is. I seriously need these, like, now.

It comes as no surprise that Walmart sells Chocolate Peanut Butter Yoo-hoo. I mean, really, Wally World has pretty much everything, no? Needless to say, I've never been more ready to go there in my entire life, to finally understand the hype around '90s snacks. And if I'm not sipping chocolatey-peanut buttery goodness through a straw by the end of the day today, I'll be seriously heart-broken. Thank the lord for Walmart's delivery services, though — it's really going to change my life for the better.