Here’s where to buy Dunkaroos Cereal when it launches in 2021.

Dunkaroos Cereal Is Coming Soon To Transport Your Taste Buds To The ’90s

by Daffany Chan
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Courtesy of General Mills

'90's kids, listen up, because there's a new breakfast bite that'll have you throwing it back to the good old days. General Mills is releasing Dunkaroos Cereal to kick off the new year, and it's a sweet treat packed with nostalgia. If you're ready for a blast from the past, here's where to buy Dunkaroos cereal when it launches in 2021.

Dunkaroos, which was one of the most popular snacks of the '90s, is making a comeback as a new breakfast option. Just like the OG snack, which featured sweet cookies you could dunk in sprinkles and icing, the cereal combines vanilla frosting-flavored cookie cereal with rainbow sprinkles.

You'll be able to pick up the cereal nationwide in 2021 wherever General Mills cereal is sold, such as major retailers like Target and Walmart. To find a location near you selling the product, check out General Mills' product locator. A mid-size box will cost around $3.99, depending on the location. If you'd like to get even more Dunkaroos, you'll want to opt for a family-size box, which will cost around $4.99.

Courtesy of General Mills

In addition to the Dunkaroos Cereal, General Mills also has a whole slew of other exciting new cereals hitting shelves this winter. Chocolate Toast Crunch Churros Cereal will be making a comeback with a new chocolatey flavor. The breakfast bites feature bite-sized chocolate churros with a dash of cinnamon. If you're ready to catch 'em all, you'll want to check out the new Pokémon Cereal, which features berry corn puff cereal and Pikachu-themed marshmallows. Each tasty box of cereal even comes with Trainer Quizzes and an Evolution Confusion game, so you can test your knowledge of the different types of Pokémon.

When you head to the grocery store to pick up your cereal, make sure to follow the coronavirus safety recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as of Sept. 11 which includes only running errands when necessary, wearing a face mask, practicing social distancing whenever possible, and sanitizing your hands after leaving a store.

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