Chili's Is Selling $3 Margaritas On The Company's Birthday, So Cheers


Ah, Chili's. Not only was it a necessary fajita-filled pitstop on long family car trips growing up, but it was also a staple for me and my college roommates, consistently providing us with cheap margaritas, chips, and, of course, a hefty helping of salsa. If Chili's holds a treasure trove of fond and tasty memories for you as well, rest assured the beloved Tex Mex restaurant is celebrating its birthday in March — and the company is offering a special. If you're down, here's when to get $3.13 margaritas at Chili's so you can really get in on the festivities.

Chili's 43rd birthday is coming up on Tuesday, March 13, so get ready to turn up higher than any Pisces ever has before. To celebrate the company's big day, Chili's will be selling their signature El Presidente Margarita for only $3.13... and compared to their usual price of $7.80, that's a really freakin' amazing deal. This is actually the first time they're celebrating their birthday with the public, so get ready for a wild time... and also get there quickly, because the deal is available for one day only. So hop aboard the tequila train, because it's going to be a long (and quite fabulous) ride.

If you haven't already tried the El Presidente Margarita, you've really been missing out on something wonderful — and the time to finally get your hands on one is most definitely now. Per Delish, a classic El Presidente is made with Sauza Conmemorativo Tequila, Patrón Citrónge Premium Orange Liqueur, Presidente Brandy, and, most importantly, Chili's kick-ass signature margarita mix. Birthday-priced El Presidente Margaritas will also be available in the usual strawberry and mango flavors, according to Cosmopolitan — so trying each and every flavor is absolutely vital.

Chili's is specifically celebrating their big day with the El Presidente because it's their signature drink, according to Delish, and recreating one is different from making any other margarita. To create an El Presidente as opposed to any plain margarita, the waiter is required to shake the drink exactly 25 times as they bring it to the customer. Once it arrives, the waiter pours three ounces into a glass, while the leftover two ounces are left on the table for when the customer needs a refill. I guess I need to pay better attention to this while I'm waiting for my margarita so I can actually witness this process — but I'm usually just so excited for tequila that I forget to pay attention to my surroundings, I guess.

If you're not totally nuts about tequila, there's a chance that I don't completely understand you as a human being... but that's fine, no judgement here. According to Cosmopolitan, Chili's also created a new $5 Lucky Jameson margarita for the entire month of March. So I suppose if classic margs somehow don't float you're boat, then that's how you should probably celebrate the birth of our beloved Chili's. There's no way you can get out of celebrating, so that's your other option, as of now.

In reality, there's no other birthday I'd ever rather celebrate than Chili's 43rd. I don't know about you, but I'm currently in the process of preparing my body for $3.13 margaritas next week. Not only is the El Presidente a total classic, but it's made with so much love and care — and TBH, after learning the process behind making it, I love it more than ever before. If tequila isn't your thang (for some reason), definitely go for the new Lucky Jameson margarita. But for real, if you need me, I'll be riding that damn tequila train... obviously at my local Chili's.