Here's What Your Lunch Order Reveals About Your Personality, In Case You're Curious

Who agrees with me that the best part of the work day is lunchtime? From comforting, hearty soups to crisp, nourishing salads to deliciously filling sandwiches, the options are endless when it comes time to take a break and grab a bite. Have you ever wondered what your lunch order reveals about your personality, though? If not, it's probably because you were too busy honoring your true millennial nature and snapping a mouthwatering #foodporn pic for your Instagram page. But the truth is, your lunch order might say a whole lot more about you than you'd think.

I don't know about you, but I often struggle so hard to figure out what to eat for lunch every day. I'm a creature of habit, so I tend to rely on the same meals a lot of the time, but honestly, I've never thought about what these choices might say about my personality. For instance, have you ever considered that your love of all things carbs around lunchtime might low-key be an indicator of where you're from? (Hint: it starts with a B.) Or that, if you crave soup all the time, it could mean you're seeking a sense of comfort?

Of course, don't feel like you need to read too much into these things. At the end of the day, all that really matters is that you're eating foods that make you feel your best and most satisfied. But if there's a lunch order you find yourself returning to time and again, here's what it might say about your personality.

If You're A Soup Enthusiast

Answer me this: What better food is there to enjoy than a bowl of warm, creamy soup on a chilly winter day? I'll wait.

"I think of soups as comforting foods in cold weather," Summer Yule, MS, RDN, a registered dietitian, nutrition communications specialist, and health educator, tells Elite Daily over email. See?

Health-wise, if you're eating soup on the reg, Yule tells me that this can contribute to your body's overall hydration levels, since soup is, of course, a liquid. As for what this lunch order says about you, "maybe they feel a little cold and are needing something warming to perk them up," Yule suggests.

If You're A Sandwich Kinda Gal

Are you a PB and J person? A turkey avocado wrap kinda gal? A tuna melt enthusiast? A grilled cheese devotee?

"Sandwiches are one of the quickest lunch options," says Yule. "They can be eaten without utensils while working at a desk, and they are simple to put together. Perhaps the person who chooses the sandwich is feeling rushed or maybe they just like sandwiches!" #True.

If You Can't Get Enough Of The Salad Bar

According to Yule, the ingredients you choose to put in your salad might signify your personal emphasis on healthy living.

"I could put a salad together that is loaded with sugary dressing, tortilla strips, croutons made from refined flour, etc., that is far less health-promoting than a sandwich that is packed with vegetables on whole grain bread," she explains. "The degree to which any of these options contribute to health will depend on the ingredients used and what the person's specific nutrition goals are, and whether they have a medical condition that is impacted by nutrition."

For the record, though, if you want to order a salad loaded with all the fixings — ranch dressing, bleu cheese, crushed tortilla chips, whatever — just go for it, friend. Regardless of what your health and nutrition goals are, salads are awesome because they allow you to create a meal specifically for you and your cravings. Take your time at the salad bar and put whatever ish you want on your plate.

If Carbs Are Your One And Only Love

If you love a carb-loaded lunch, then you're probably from Boston — no, seriously. Ritual, an order-ahead food app, recently analyzed its customers' lunchtime food preferences and broke them down by region, and according to data sent directly to Elite Daily via email, Bostonians are apparently eating the most pasta, bagels, and sandwiches for lunch.

Honestly, respect. I knew I loved Boston for a reason.

If You Have A Sweet Tooth Around Lunchtime

According to Ritual's data, if you have a huge sweet tooth, then you might just be from Minneapolis, as the app found that people in this city tend to eat more donuts during lunch than people in any other region — and, I mean, the bigger the sweet tooth, the sweeter your personality is, right? I think that's how it goes.