Here's What Your Fave 'Riverdale' Relationship Says About Your Love Life

by Christy Piña

In the midst of all of Riverdale's edge-of-your-seat moments, when you're trying to find out who's behind the town's most recent slew of murders, there always seems to be a glimmer of hope: the relationships on the show. Since the very beginning of Season 1, the Riverdale showrunners have been building up some of TV's sweetest couples, like Bughead and Varchie. Every relationship is incredibly unique, each one bringing something new and totally wonderful to the small screen. Based on which couple you just can't get enough of, what your favorite Riverdale relationship says about your love life can vary.

Each relationship on Riverdale has its own set of characteristics that makes that specific couple stand out in a different way than the next one. What makes Varchie such an iconic duo isn't the same thing that makes Bughead a fan-favorite, but they both have their admirable qualities. Your favorite Riverdale couple probably says something about what you want in your love life. Maybe you find yourself drawn to someone who can challenge you, or you're looking for a partner in crime. Whatever it is you long for in a romantic partner, your go-to Riverdale relationship may resemble it in one way or another. See for yourself.

Bughead: Jughead Jones + Betty Cooper

If you can't get enough of Bughead, you're probably looking for someone who will support you no matter what, is just as determined as you are, and makes for a truly bad*ss partner in crime. Jughead and Betty have been together since Season 1, and if you ask almost any Riverdale fan, they'll tell you they're rooting for these two. They're the heart of the show and are always trying to solve the ongoing mysteries and murders that have made their way into this small, weirdly dangerous town.

Varchie: Veronica Lodge + Archie Andrews

Considering Veronica and Archie's intense physical connection is obvious from the get-go, if you're a die-hard Varchie fan, chances are that chemistry is important to you. But Roni and Archie aren't all physical, they also bring out the best in each other; she helps Archie find his way with her maturity, and he gives Roni the stability she never had with her tumultuous family. So, not only is a physical connection important to you, but you also value someone who brings balance to your life. Not to mention, Veronica and Archiekins are another clear example of partners in crime on the show, meaning you likely value someone who will always be there for you just like these two are for each other.

Choni: Cheryl Blossom + Toni Topaz

While Toni and Cheryl's relationship started later than some of the other ones on the show, they quickly made their way into fans' hearts with their intense love for each other. Like Veronica and Archie, Toni and Cheryl bring out the best in each other because they're so different. If you're as obsessed with Choni as can be, you probably gravitate toward someone who is the complete opposite of you, because they ground you. Toni and Cheryl are also fiercely protective of one another, but are honest enough to call each other out when necessary. Your ideal partner would also have your best interest at heart and let you know when you're not being your best self.

Veggie: Veronica Lodge + Reggie Mantle

OK, honestly, I loved Veronica and Reggie together while Archie was gone. But as soon as he made his way back to town, I knew it was goodbye, Veggie. Above all else, Veggie fans value loyalty and physical chemistry in their relationships. Reggie was there for Veronica and did all that he could for her, even before they started dating. They worked well together because things were simple. Chances are you prefer a lighthearted, fun, and loyal partner, who will do almost anything for you. (Like you know, blow up a bunch of drugs, à la Veggie style.)

Moovin: Kevin Keller + Moose Mason

Moose and Kevin had a short-lived but fiery, passionate, and loving relationship. They encouraged each other, and when Moose came out to his father, Kevin was there every step of the way. Their feelings for one another were strong and probably would've kept growing if Moose hadn't moved away. If Moovin is your favorite couple, you've likely felt immense loss, but looking back, you have no regrets. While your love may have been cut short, you'll never forget the memories you made along the way with someone you truly loved.

Whether or not you spend every Wednesday night in front of the TV ready for Riverdale to flip your world upside down yet again, these relationships' characteristics may seem familiar. You've probably noticed them in your own love life or in someone's close to you. And while Riverdale may be a work of fiction, the love these characters have for each other is no fairytale.