This Is The Best Time To Get Married, According To Moon Phases

by Cosmo Luce

The moon is the planetary body that regulates our inner waters: the rise and fall of our emotional tides. It's important to pay attention to the moon phases as they correlate to stages of your relationship. The full moon is the best time to get married, and if you are able to schedule your wedding for a full moon, it will grace your union with tender romance and blissfulness.

That's not to say that if you don't have a full moon wedding that your marriage won't be successful — although it could be less than auspicious to get married when there's no moon in the sky at all. Where the full moon is the best time for consummation, the new moon is the best time for cleaning out old energy and belief systems. Just as the full moon is the time when cosmic energy peaks, the new moon is the time when the lunar cycle resets itself. The new moon a good time to release yourself from things that have been restricting or trapping you. Letting go of old stress, worry, or belief systems that didn't serve you don't exactly factor into a wedding. If anything, the new moon is the best time to break up.

Here are three things the full moon brings to a new marriage:

1. A Full Moon Brings Balance

When the moon is entirely illuminated, the lunar yin energy is balanced with the sun's yang energy. Yang energy is associated with aggression and force, speed and domination. The sun's energy is hot and thermal, a radiating force. Yin energy is soft and more receptive, slow and yielding. The moon's energy is cooler than the sun's, literally reflecting its light.

We often associate yang energy with masculinity and yin energy with femininity, but this is being too simplistic. Regardless of gender, relationships need to have a balanced of yin and yang energy in order to be sustainable. People also need to have an internal balance of yin and yang energy in order to feel whole within themselves. If we are passive all of the time, we risk being taken advantage of, but too much aggression means we aren't listening to one another. This is as true for marriage as it is for every day of our lives.

When you get married under the full moon, it means that the yin energy you are bringing into your union is just as powerful as the yang. Your marriage will be one of harmony and balance, with equal parts give and take.

2. The Full Moon Draws Out People's Emotions

The moon rules the underworld and the realm of our subconscious. That means that its phases definitely have an influence over what people are feeling, whether they recognize it or not. At the full moon, whatever people have been carrying with them throughout the month becomes expressed fully. That might mean that they are more angry, more loving, or generally more expressive. When you have a full moon wedding, you can amplify people's feeling of love.

Because honestly, there's nothing quite like seeing two people who want to be together forever to melt the most hardened of hearts. And there's nothing like crying tears of joy at a wedding to wash away old feelings that weren't serving anyone. Having your wedding on a full moon will make your ceremony more poignant and will amplify the feelings of love in your guests. The feeling a wedding leaves its guests with will be way more memorable than any photograph.

3. A Full Moon Brings Intentions To Fruition

It's ideal to get married during the full moon because it is the best time to bring the seeds of intention you planted at the beginning of your relationship to fruition. A wedding is the time of starting your relationship over, in a sense, because you are moving from courtship and dating to actually building a life together. It's the end of one phase and the beginning of a next.

And while there's no reason why getting married under a different moon phase would disrupt your union, the full moon can only shower you and your partner with blessings for many years. Why not take this opportunity to dance in its light — now, and for eternity?

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