You Can Win A Dunkin' Promposal Box That's Fully Equipped With Donuts & Disco Balls

Well, it looks like the days of asking your crush to prom empty-handed are long gone. Instead, "promposals" are sweeping the nation, and some of them are more elaborate than actual wedding proposals. For the second year in a row, Dunkin' is jumping on the promposal bandwagon with a glistening donut-filled box that'll convince your prospective prom date to say "yes." If you're wondering how to win Dunkin's promposal box, rest assure that the process is simple. Before I get into that, though, I want to tell you a little bit more about the box itself.

In short, Dunkin's promposal box might as well be a freaking disco ball. Based off of a photo in Dunkin's blog post, the box itself is lined with mirrors — but that's not where the sparking stops. Inside the box, there are a handful of miniature disco balls and flashing lights. In other words, it'll definitely light up whichever room you choose to do your promposal in. In addition to its shining features, there's also a fake turntable fit for two donuts in the center (one for each of you, duh). By the looks of it, there's even a fuzzy hot pink lining inside of the box and a sign that says, "I DONUT WANT TO GO TO PROM WITH ANYONE ELSE."

I "donut" know about you, but I'd totally say yes if someone asked me to prom with this thing.


If you're not sold on it yet, get this: You can personalize your box with a message or song of your choice, all thanks to a recording device featured inside of it. Therefore, if your crush has a go-to song that they listen to on the reg, you can include it in the box. How could they say no to that?

Now that you know about Dunkin's promposal box, you might be curious about how you can get it. Unfortunately, this isn't something that you can buy. Instead, it's something that you can win, and entering Dunkin's contest to score one for yourself is super easy. All you'll have to do is visit Dunkin's Instagram post about its promposal box and head to its comment section. There, you'll have to explain to Dunkin' why you want to give the box to *that* special someone. In order for your comment to be valid, it must include the hashtag #DunkinPromposalContest.

With that being said, think about who you want to give the promposal box to and visit Dunkin's comment section.


Don't wait too long to comment on Dunkin's Instagram post, though, because the contest is coming to an end. In fact, Thursday, March 14 is the last day you'll have to leave your comment and enter for the chance to win a promposal box.

Once you enter the contest, cross your fingers that you'll be one of three winners who will score a glistening box. Better yet, cross your fingers and hope that you'll be chosen as the grand prize winner — because then, you'll get a $500 Dunkin' gift card and $500 toward your prom night. Best prom ever? I think so.