Here's how to win $1,000 by watching dog movies like 'Super Buddies.'

You Could Win $1K By Watching Your Favorite Disney Movies Starring Dogs

Walt Disney Studios

Get ready to put your movie marathon skills to good use. Spruce, a CBD oil company, is looking for someone who can easily get through classic dog movies in a short amount of time — and the prize is cash money. Interested? Here's how to win $1,000 from Spruce by watching dog movies.

Spruce announced the dog-themed side hustle in honor of National Pet Month in May. One lucky winner will get $1,000 just for having a dog-themed movie marathon. To apply, Spruce asks that you are a dog-loving, movie fan who can take notes and pay attention to details. You must be on Facebook and Twitter, and a U.S. citizen whose 18 years or older. You can apply online at, where you'll fill out a form with your contact information, your social media handles, and answer a few questions about why you're the perfect candidate.

The winner's job description is simple. If you win, you'll choose 10 movies from a list of 15 different dog flicks available on Disney+. Some of the films on the list include 101 Dalmatians, Turner and Hooch, Lady and The Tramp, Old Yeller, Bolt, Super Buddies, The Fox and the Hound, and Frankenweenie. For each movie, you'll fill out a Google form to answer a few questions. Spruce says you'll be "identifying trends in relationships, plot, dialogue, and characters." If a movie on the list has a remake, you can watch either the original or the remake. Each film will have a separate question and answer form, and you'll have to share your marathoning process on Facebook and Twitter.

Walt Disney Studios

Spruce asks that the winner watch all the movies and complete each worksheet within a month of getting the job. If you win, once you complete the movie marathon, you'll get $1,000, a year-long subscription to Disney+, a 3-month subscription to Barkbox, and a gift package of Spruce’s CBD oil for dogs. Unfortunately, there will only be one person picked for the task.

You'll need to apply by Thursday, May 28. The winner will be selected and notified by Friday, June 12, 2020, or within 14 days of the closing date. If you're selected, you'll need to contact the company and claim the prize within 24 hours. Get ready for a chance to win $1,000 just for having the ultimate pup-themed movie marathon.