This New Uber Feature Lets Businesses Comp Or Discount Your Uber Rides To Sweeten Your Outings

Courtesy of Uber

Now that it's finally starting to feel like spring and everyone is slowly starting to ease out of hibernation mode, Uber is sweetening its deals when it comes to getting to and from your favorite spots. The ride-sharing company's newest feature, Uber Vouchers, lets businesses sponsor your rides so that you can ride to your go-to restaurants, bars, hotels, or concert venues at just a fraction of the cost you'd normally be paying. Here's how to use Uber Vouchers so that you can start saving on your transportation to your spring activities ASAP.

Starting on Tuesday, April 9, Uber is rolling out its new Vouchers feature, which means that rides to and from some of your frequent destinations could potentially become a lot cheaper or, in some cases, could not cost you anything at all. Companies such as restaurants, bars, music venues, and hotels can basically choose to work with Uber to set up custom vouchers and designate a certain pick-up and drop-off location, timeframe, and discounted cost for their customers.

Meanwhile, on your end, Uber users will receive voucher offers through email, text message, or social media, and they can choose to redeem the offer straight to the payments section of their existing Uber app.

For example, an Italian restaurant could choose to offer free rides to and from their location for Uber customers within a two mile radius from 6-8 p.m. on a Friday night, or a music venue could offer discounted rides to and from its location on the night of a big concert.

Courtesy of Uber

You'll be notified of the offer in your app, and from there, you can choose whether or not you want to hop on the limited-time deal. In my opinion, the rideshare company's newest feature is a win-win for both parties. You can reap the benefits of cheaper travel and potentially try something new, while companies can draw more business to themselves with what's basically an effortless marketing campaign.

To redeem your offers, all you have to do is hit "accept" on your voucher invitation, which will show up in your inbox. From there, you can request your Uber car like usual and enter in the details for your trip. At the bottom of the screen, you should see a notification alerting you of how much money you'll be saving on your trip. When you redeem your voucher, it'll automatically be added to the payments section of your Uber app until it expires.

Judging from the screenshots of the app's new feature, Uber Vouchers can be used on both the Uber app and on the Uber website, giving you just one more way to plan your transportation.

Courtesy of Uber

Unsurprisingly, you'll need to have an account on Uber to take advantage of Uber Vouchers, so I'd make sure to download it if you don't have the app yet. Meanwhile, businesses can head to to sign up and start brainstorming a custom plan.

Starting on Tuesday, April 9, Westfield Group, TGI Friday's, LiveNation, the Golden State Warriors, AllState, MGM Resorts, and Sprint will be some of the first businesses to get involved in the new future, so I'd make sure to check your app and keep an eye out for deals coming your way.