Here's how to use Snapchat's body tracking Lenses to upgrade your videos.

Dixie D'Amelio & Loren Gray Launched New Snapchat Body Tracking Lenses To Upgrade Your Vids

Courtesy of Snapchat

Get ready to upgrade your dance videos, because social media influencers like Dixie D'Amelio and Loren Gray teamed up with Snapchat's Lens Creators to create some brand new Lenses. The new Lenses work with your body as you move, creating an augmented reality (AR) experience that'll bring life to your videos. Here's how to use Snapchat's body tracking Lenses so you can start showing off your best moves.

Snapchat launched the new Lenses on Thursday, Aug. 13. Dixie D'Amelio, Jalaiah Harmon, Loren Gray, and Sarati worked with Official Lens Creators on creating custom body tracking Lenses, each with a unique style that matches their moves. The 2-D full body technology works by tracking 18 joints in the whole body, expanding on the Lens Studio's previous ability to track 8 joints in the upper body.

The collaborations mark the official release of the 2-D full body tracking technology in the Lens Creator Studio. To start using the new Snap Star x Official Lens Creator Lenses on Snapchat, open your Snapchat Camera and tap on the Explore tab on the bottom right. You'll find the new Lenses at the top of the Explore page. If they'r not there, you can search them by name.

For each of the Lenses to work, you'll need to provide a full-body view with enough space to move around in the frame.

Dixie D'Amelio's "Be Happy" Lens

Featuring D'Amelio's song, "Be Happy," this Snapchat Lens — made by creator Abbas Sajad — has you throw your hands above your head to change the gray, stormy weather into a bright sunny day. Once you've got the Lens open, position yourself in the frame and raise both of your hands. The effect won't work if you only raise one arm. After you've experimented with your movements, you can switch back and forth from rainy to sunny weather by repeatedly raising and lowering your hands.

Courtesy of Snapchat

Jalaiah Harmon's "Star Burst" Lens

The "Star Burst" Lens, a collab with creator Jinnie The Wew, gives your body a rainbow aura as you move around, as well as a white silhouette that bursts onto the screen when you strike a quick pose. To use it, start moving to see the colors. The faster you move, the more rainbow colors illuminate around your body.

Courtesy of Snapchat

Loren Gray's "Alone" Lens

This Lens, created with Max Van Leeuwen, features Gray's song "Alone" and places doodles around you as you move. To use it, start moving in front of the camera as hearts, headphones, and minimalist lines appear and complement your movements.

Courtesy of Snapchat

Sarati's "Be You" Lens

Sarati's "Be You" Lens is a collab with Lens creator Robin Delaporte. Once you position your body in the frame, start moving to see the words "Be You" floating around you. The words move with your body, so for example, if you put your hands in the air, "Be You" will appear curved around the top of your shoulders.

Courtesy of Snapchat

You can start experimenting with the new Snapchat body tracking Lenses now. Keep your eye out for more full-body Lenses as creators start making their own.