Here's How To Stream Miley Cyrus' 'She Is Coming,' Her First Of 3 Albums This Year

by Jamie LeeLo
Amy Sussman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She's arrived, everyone! And by that, I mean Miley Cyrus' new EP She Is Coming is finally here! The pop princess has been teasing her latest record all throughout the month of May and fans are now diving head first into the new juicy beats. If you're wondering, here's how to stream Miley Cyrus' 'She Is Coming,'her first of three EPs dropping this year, all you have to do is pop over to your Spotify account or check out Apple Music where you can play the new tunes to your heart's content.

Knowing Miley, provocative music videos aren't far behind. Her hype-train leading up to the EP's release involved some seriously graphic video promos that featured the 26-year-old dripping in fruit juice as she aggressively devoured fresh produce. Frankly, she and the EP are giving off series VIBES, and fans wouldn't expect anything less. In early May, she teased that the lucky folks at iHeartRadio got to hear her EP early, stating that "they f*cking flipped and so will you."

In the week leading up to She Is Coming's drop, fans had the option to pre-save the tracklist on Spotify, meaning it automatically downloaded when the full EP became available. Sure, it saved them, like, 30 seconds or something, but still. Every moment counts with music this good.

You can stream She Is Coming on Spotify below.

Cyrus celebrated her record's release by announcing that She Is Coming is actually the first in a set of three EPs. She tweeted, "This is the 1st of 3 drops!," and also hinted that all three of her EPs will have six songs each — all to make up one full album. Cyrus didn't say when the next two EPs will come out, but she said that she will announce them soon.

Not for nothing, it's a good time to be Miley. Along with She Is Coming's debut, Cyrus is starring in an episode of Netflix's Black Mirror titled Rachel, Jack and Ashley, Too, scheduled to come out on June 5. The plotline will follow Cyrus, who plays a pop star selling doll versions of herself to young fans. During an interview with BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat, Cyrus touched on the significance of the story.

"This is the story of females in the music industry. I understand everyone’s gone through this but I do think for females in the industry… it’s hard to be taken seriously. People assume that if you’re not wearing a body suit and singing pop music, why would anyone want to see you," she said.

To be fair, the promo images for Cyrus' episode could easily be mistaken for real PR of an actual album she is working on. The trailer is chilling AF, too, and Cyrus admitted her entire episode is "outrageously out there."

By all standards, the world is endlessly compelled by Cyrus who is like an entertainment chameleon. From her days as Hannah Montana, to the partying pixie chick who gyrated with a foam finger, to the soulful beauty who wrote a love song for her now husband, to the fruit slurping musician who doubles as a Netflix actress, Cyrus always keeps us on our toes.

I highly recommend adding She Is Coming to your pre-game, gym, or road trip playlists and I for one will surely meet you on Spotify.