Here's How To Stream 'Love Island' UK Before The American Show Premieres


In the world of romantic comedies and teen dramas, summer is the time to find a sweet, formative romance, but real life rarely pans out in the way the movies say it should. That's why so many turn to summertime shows like The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise, but if you're over the Bachelorette drama and feeling impatient for the Paradise premiere, you're in luck. An American version of British TV sensation Love Island launches on CBS in early July, so here's how to stream Love Island UK before the American show premieres.

In case you were swept up in an actual summer romance last year, you might've missed when the reality show Love Island essentially took over the internet. Originally airing as Celebrity Love Island, the current series, which stars regular people, premiered in the UK in June 2015, introducing the concept of a group of young singles living together in a villa and coupling up in order to be eligible for a cash prize. Contestants make and break love matches as the audience votes on who remains at the villa, but the show's live evictions were ditched after the first season.

Even without its tantalizing American Idol-esque eliminations, the 2018 season of Love Island raked in its network's highest ratings ever, ensuring that talk of the series crossed the pond to reach American ears. Its popularity prompted CBS to announce its own version of Love Island, which is slated to premiere on Tuesday, July 9.

A statement about the series promises that Love Island's original concept will remain intact, saying:

Challenges and dramatic twists abound as the Islanders form alliances, while relationships are made in an effort to win the ultimate prize. Viewers have the opportunity to shape events on screen as they watch the relationships develop, and ultimately crown one lucky couple as the winners who walk away with a cash prize.

While the American take on Love Island may entertain you until Bachelor in Paradise premieres on July 29, it's always best to start from the very beginning and see what caused this buzz. Although Season 5 of Love Island is currently airing in the UK, the first four seasons are available to stream on Hulu, and starting June 22, Season 5's first five episodes will join the library. Afterwards, five new episodes will appear on Hulu every Saturday until Season 5 concludes. If you plan on skipping older seasons and just watching the newest episodes, check out the current Love Island UK cast below.

Details about the American Love Island are still sparse, but just as the UK version airs nearly every night, viewers will have plenty of chances to solidify their love of the spinoff. Love Island will air on CBS five nights a week, so it really will be as devout and ever-present as a summer romance can be. Here's to summer lovin'!

The U.S. version of Love Island premieres at 8 p.m. ET on Tuesday, July 9, on CBS and CBS All Access. Season 5 of Love Island UK will begin streaming on Saturday, June 22, on Hulu.