It’s So Easy To Share Your Top Nine 2018 Photos To Instagram For Even More "Likes" This Year

Handout/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you haven't had the chance to use Top Nine yet, it's a super nifty app which creates an adorable photo collage of your nine most-liked Instagram photos. You can keep the montage for yourself to simply reflect on the year, or alternatively, you can share it on social media, to show everyone what you've been up to all year long. If you're aren't completely sure as to how you can do that, though, here's how to share your Top Nine to Instagram. Ideally, you'll be raking in even more "likes" in 2018 than you ever have before.

I'm no wizard with technology, so believe me when I say that I was beyond relieved to find that sharing your Top Nine photo with your IG followers is so easy. If you aren't pressed for time, you can navigate to the Top Nine website. Then, you'll enter your Instagram handle, as well as the email address associated with the account. In about five to 10 minutes, you'll see that beloved photomontage waiting in your inbox. All you have to do is save the photo to your phone, open IG, press the "+" button, and manually upload the photo with your top 2018 photos to Instagram like you would upload any other pic. Seriously, it's that simple.

On the other hand, if you're looking for slightly quicker results, you should download the Top Nine app on the App Store or through the Google Play Store. Once the app is downloaded to your phone, you'll enter your IG handle and email address, and your collage will appear in a matter of seconds. If it's taking a while to load, though, you can always wait for it to arrive in your email inbox. If your Top Nine 2018 collage loads right there in the app, you can download it to your phone, and manually upload it to IG. Once again — it's that simple.

Don't worry about getting different results from the website or the app. In fact, I got identical results in both. The only difference is that the app is a little quicker, once it's downloaded to your phone. However, you don't need the Top Nine app if logging into a website is easier for you. It's totally based on personal preference.

On the other hand, there's also the Best Nine app, which is essentially the same exact thing. You pretty much get the same results, except you don't have to enter your email address into the Best Nine website. That's right — you only have to type in your IG handle for Best Nine, and it appears instantly on the app. You can directly download your collage from there.

Getting your montage of most-liked Instagram photos is completely simple, and whether you want to do it through the app or on the website is entirely up to you. It's entirely based on personal preference, though, so you won't have to think too much about it. Even uploading the results to Instagram is totally the same on both mediums. Happy reflecting, everyone, and may the likes be with you.