Here's How To Preorder The iPhone XS & XS Max ASAP

by Chelsea Stewart

Calling all fellow iPhone obsessives who insist on keeping the latest gadget at all times. You know those stunning, highly-anticipated iPhones with all the exciting new features you've been hearing about over the past few weeks? The ones you've been saving your coins for? Apple just unveiled them at an event on Wednesday, Sept. 12, which means that they're one step closer to finally being in your hands. If you're wondering how to make this thing official, here's how to preorder the iPhone XS and XS Max.

According to Apple itself, customers will be able to order the iPhone XS and the XS Max on Apple's website on Sept. 14, with shipments going out on Sept. 21. But be advised: Each iPhone release has always been a full-on online race, so you might want to be a close standby — as in, phone in hand, ready to go when the date rolls around.

Customers can also place their orders through the Apple App. There have previously been some technical difficulties on Apple's website with iPhone launches, like in 2017 when the preorder frenzy resulted in a bunch of unexpected delays for the iPhone X, so ordering through the app is a great safety precaution. Y'know, just in case.


There are also some things you want to take in consideration before heading on over to preorder your gadget, like if you're eligible to upgrade your device. That's especially important to those enrolled in the Apple Upgrade Program. The program allows customers to finance phones for about two years with zero interest. After you make at least 12 payments, you get to upgrade to the newest iPhone, so you'll want to check your eligibility status ahead of the preorder date.

Also, what color do you want your phone in? This year, Apple announced a bunch of new colors that honestly make it hard to decide which option to roll with, if you ask me. The shades of both the XS and XS Max come in space gray, silver, and a new shade of gold, according to Mac Rumors. Unfortunately, it's only the XR that comes in the brighter colors (black, white, red, yellow, coral, and blue), so if you were hoping to land one of those, you'll want to think about that.

In the final step before checking out, you should also consider what storage size is best for you. According to Mac Rumors, both phones come in 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB storage capacities. If you're unsure, head to your iPhone's Settings > General > About and see what your current storage capacity is and how much space you have available. That should help you decide if you need to purchase a phone with more storage or if you can go a little lower — which in turn will help you save a few bucks.

With all of that squared away, you should be all set! Just make sure you're up and online when the preorders become available. You won't want to miss it.