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You Can Play Your Favorite Jackbox Games With Your BFFs Using Zoom

by Daffany Chan
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Though it may be difficult to stay separated from friends and family while practicing social distancing, there are still ways you can connect. You can even host a virtual game night and play fan-favorite Jackbox games on teleconferencing platforms like Zoom. Here's how to play Jackbox on Zoom to have some at-home fun.

To start a virtual game, you'll want to first make sure you and your fellow players have stable internet connections — Jackbox recommends having a wired internet connection — and a videoconferencing service like Zoom or Google Hangouts. You'll then need to start the game on your laptop and turn on the screen sharing option so your pals can see the game on the call. Your friends can also play remotely using their smartphones by opening on a web browser. If you're having trouble getting back to the conferencing screen while in full screen mode, just go to the game's setting on the main screen and turn off "Full Screen Mode."

There are a few other ways you can host a remote Jackbox game night with your buddies. If you use Steam, which is a free software you can download to play Jackbox games, you can use Steam Remote Play Together to share your games online with friends. Only one person needs to own a copy of the game if you're using Steam Remote Play Together, and playing with up to four people is ideal, but if you have faster internet connection, even more players can join. You and up to nine friends can also play a virtual game using Discord screen sharing. Some game consoles like the Xbox One have co-streaming abilities, too.

On Friday, March 20, Jackbox announced it is offering Drawful 2 for free as Steam codes, which you can use on your PC, Mac, or Linux. You'll be able to get the Steam code through Saturday, April 11, by heading to the Jackbox shop, the Steam store, or the the App Store for Apple TV. Once you've got a Steam code, you can redeem it on your account to start playing. The deal is only available while supplies last, so you'll want to grab it ASAP.

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