Here's How To Order The TikTok Drink From The Starbucks Secret Menu

Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

While Starbucks has no shortage of inventive sips to brighten up your coffee runs, I personally think the real magic can be found on the coffee chain's secret menu. While it's not an official menu, there's just something about giving your barista some top secret instructions to make the hottest drink of the moment that makes the whole experience even more delicious and you're definitely going to want to get in on the secret menu action with a cult-favorite sip that's inspired by the TikTok app. If you want to sweeten up your morning or afternoon Starbies visit with some berrylicious goodness, here's how to order the TikTok Drink at Starbucks to try out the concoction for yourself.

If you're a little late to the TikTok Drink game, it's basically the latest secret menu item to take over the internet. I first caught wind of the refreshment's existence when several Starbucks baristas took to Reddit to reveal that several customers had started requesting the drink in early June. Now, it doesn't sound like the drink actually shares any real resemblance to the video app, which was apparently one of the most downloaded apps last year, according to the TikTok website. While we might never know how the specialty drink got its name, one barista shared exactly how to order the drink the next time you go to Starbucks.

As with all Starbucks secret menu drinks, you can't just go up to your barista and order a TikTok, because chances are that they won't know what you mean and you'll get a lot of funny looks. One Starbucks worker shared one such incident via a Reddit thread about a customer who attempted to order the drink without knowing the recipe, and it'll make you internally cringe that "TikTok" has now become an adjective. She wrote:

I communicate to [the customer] that I don't know her drink and if she has a recipe. She starts ordering a strawberry acai... Anyway, we make it. She looks content and leaves. She walks inside and ask my coworker who's busy making whips if she can make her drink "more tiktok". After much deliberation mainly because she showed us a picture this time we figured out what she meant. She meant to blend her drink. I mean like, what in the h*ll use your words dude!!!

I mean, no one wants to be that person or the barista that's struggling to figure out what "more tiktok" means.

Luckily, user RachelsDIY shared the recipe on Wattpad, so you can skip the confusion when you order and actually get what you want. You'll want to order a blended Strawberry Acai Refresher with three scoops of strawberries and three scoops of blackberries that have also been blended. Some customers have also been adding lemonade, so that's also an option if you'd like a hint of tart citrus in your sips.

Now, I'm not saying your barista will be happy if you order this drink, as it's probably a bit of extra work blending everything together.

Still, there's nothing like a bit of FOMO to make you want to try out the newest drink on Starbucks' unofficial secret menu, so I'd suggest trying it at least once and reporting back to the rest of us if it's as good as it sounds.