Ordering The Purple Drink From Starbucks Is Actually So Simple

The year 2016 brought the infamous Pink Drink — it was notable not only because of its beauty, but also for its strawberry creme flavor. But, I've always loved the lesser-known (but equally delicious) Purple Drink just a tad more. If you haven't tried one for yourself, it boasts a gorgeous lavender color; it tastes like a berry medley; and, to be completely honest, it gives me the summer aesthetic I've always wanted. If you're looking to give it a shot as the weather warms up, here's how to order Starbucks' Purple Drink from the unofficial secret menu. It's simple and worth the effort.

Listen, I know you were about to order a basic (yet still delicious) iced almond milk latte during your highly anticipated coffee break, but let me be the one to change your mind. Even though all of Starbucks' offerings are overall solid, the Purple Drink is fruity, light, and undeniably adorable.

Luckily, ordering one of these babies is easy peasy, and does not require too many ingredients. According to the Starbucks Secret Menu website (which is not an official secret menu), the ingredients needed to make a Purple Drink include a base of Passion Iced Tea, a healthy amount of soy milk, a touch of vanilla syrup, and — last but not least — a few generous scoops of blackberries. The site recommends substituting the soy milk for coconut milk, if you'd like an even lighter taste (that is, if you like the taste of coconut!). Either way, you'll have successfully ordered yourself a Purple Drink. You could even make one yourself, if you wanted to.

Having a Purple Drink in your hand makes for the ideal summer accessory, and lucky for you, there are a ton of foods out there to match. If you haven't checked out these millennial lilac foods, I strongly recommend doing so. Between doughnuts, ice cream, and sweet potato pie, there are so many gorgeous purple foods that are guaranteed to give you the light purple aesthetic you deserve. It's perfect for summer and will give you good warm weather vibes. I'm all about it, TBH.

Oh, and if you end up ordering the OG Pink Drink instead, I definitely won't judge you — the Elle Woods vibes are too good. If you haven't tried one, it's made with Starbucks' Strawberry Acai Refresher, which is blended with coconut milk (instead of water), giving it that extra creamy taste. It boasts a light shade of pink, and features healthy chunks of strawberry. Many compare it to strawberry milk, while some are reminded of Calpico, a yogurt-based Asian beverage.

While your local Starbucks barista will most likely know what you're referring to when you ask for a Purple Drink (because really, it was pretty popular when it first surfaced about two years ago!), knowing what's in it can be useful, just in case. And, if you would like to make one for yourself in the comfort of your own home, doing so is clearly easy if you have the right ingredients. To all my fellow purple addicts: this one's for you!