Here's How To Order Olive Garden's Breadstick Bouquets for a tasty holiday.

This Bouquet Made Of Olive Garden Breadsticks Wins Valentine's Day

by Daffany Chan
Courtesy of Olive Garden

You can take your Valentine's Day gift to the next level with a delicious bouquet of bites. Olive Garden's Breadstick Bouquets are made with the iconic starter found in your favorite bread basket. The bouquets aren't brand new for the holiday, but it is so much easier to get your hands on one this year. Here's how to order Olive Garden's Breadstick Bouquets for a tasty holiday.

The bouquets, which were introduced online in 2019, will be available in-restaurant for the first time beginning Feb. 13. You'll get the festive bouquet wrappers and new chocolate boxes as part of Olive Garden's Valentine's Day ToGo Dinner for Two, which starts at $34.99. The special promotion includes a take-out meal with three courses of tasty dishes and a built-in gift. You'll start off your meal with breadsticks and soup or salad, along with a dipping sauce of either Five Cheese Marinara or Alfredo. You'll also get a shareable entrée for two, either Five Cheese Ziti al Forno or Chicken Alfredo, which costs an extra $6. Of course, no Valentine's dinner is complete without a decadent dessert. You'll have the choice of either Black Tie Mouse Cake or Tiramisu.

This year's bouquets feature new designs to get excited about. The messages on the wrappers will surely impress your loved ones, whether it's your BFF or that special someone. Some cute messages on the designs include, "My love for you is never ending," "Love at first bite," "Candy hearts just don't compare," and "Love is letting you have the last breadstick." You can download the bouquet wrappers from Olive Garden's Website. To use the wrapper, you'll need to print out the wrapping square, then roll up the cone and secure with tape. You can then fill up the wrappers with delicious breadsticks and present them to your loved ones.

Courtesy of Olive Garden

To pair with your holiday bouquet wrapper, Olive Garden also has new Chocolate Mint Boxes. The unique boxes similarly feature heartfelt messages and are the perfect container to hold the restaurant's popular after-dinner mints. You can download and print out the Chocolate Mint Boxes on Olive Garden's Website.

Keep in mind that Olive Garden's Valentine' Day ToGo Dinner for Two is currently available online, but the wrappers will only be available while supplies last in Olive Garden locations as of Thursday, Feb. 13.