7 Women Reveal What They Did To Make Friends With Their Coworkers

Making friends as an adult in any environment can be a pretty intimidating experience. It's not like grade school where you seriously bond over sharing your Fruit Roll-Up at snack time, and boom, you're instantly the best of friends. In your workplace, you may be tossing around the idea of how to make friends with your coworkers, especially if you're the new kid on the block.

Seven real women revealed to Elite Daily just how they made friends with their colleagues. It really depends on your personality and how close you actually want to be with your coworkers. You most likely want to be cordial with them, because you spend practically 40 hours a week in their presence. That's probably more than you see your parents and best friends!

Don't overthink it and assume that you have to go vastly out of your way to befriend them. If there's anything worse than not having friends at work, it's being that person who tries to push people to be platonic with you. Let things happen naturally, and everything will fall into place. There are several ways to approach Friendship Lane with your coworkers, but take some tips from ladies who have been there, done that, and want to help you out.

This woman relied on her social butterfly skills.

I'm pretty social, so it's easy for me, and normally I just introduce myself and normally find common interests and go from there!

— Tori, 30

She bonded with coworkers over disliking their supervisors.

I guess I was just me. I know that sounds arrogant; 'I was just my awesome self and made friends', but that’s the truth. I was nice to them and sparked conversations. [We] went to lunch together, [and I] invited them to hang out outside of work. [I also] texted them outside of work. If you’re being real and authentic, then people will see that and automatically draw to you and your friend. Sometimes we became friends based on our mutual disdain for our supervisors (true story, tho).

— Shelbi, 30

She believes in still having a goofy side with her work buddies.

I think you make friends by being open to working together with new people, and by letting a little of your silly side shine through as a reminder that not all work has to be serious. Oh, and a beer break from time to time helps, too.

— Ashlee, 24

She chitchatted her way to friendship.

To make friends with my coworkers, I just talked. Talking is what I do best. Being personable was easy for me. That's just my personality.

— Jacquel, 26

To this woman, showcasing her sense of humor was key.

I've always been funny, so I use my sense of humor to make friends. I also make it a point to get to know something about everyone.

— Amanda, 28

She put out feelers during lunch breaks.

To make friends with my coworkers, I started having lunch with them and discussed various topics to test the waters. Now, I say things that if heard by others, I'd have weekly HR visits. We're THAT close.

— Danielle, 25

This woman befriended the "bad boy" in the office over lunch... who is now her fiancé.

Trying to make friends at work is how I met my [fiancé] at my last job. I just became his boss and he had a reputations for being a bad boy. So, one day I asked him to take a break with me and offered to buy him lunch. Turns out, no one had ever asked him to do that before.

— Anonymous, 25

The first step to bonding with your coworkers is realizing that outside of their button-up shirts, slacks, and workload, they're a person just like you. Peel back the professional layers a bit, and you could potentially befriend some of the most amazing people.