You Can Make Super-Personalized Memoji Stickers With This iOS 13 Update

It's been a few days now since Apple rolled out its iOS 13 update on Thursday, Sept. 19, bringing highly-anticipated features like Dark Mode, QuickPath typing, a new CarPlay Dashboard, and yes, Memoji stickers to users' smartphones. While Memojis have been around for some time now, it's safe to say that the iOS 13 puts its predecessor to shame with a whole new range of capabilities, including more options to customize your avatar and ways you can use them on your device. Here’s how to make a Memoji sticker with iOS 13, because there's so many ways you can personalize the updated feature.

If you've previously used the tech giant's Animoji or Memoji features, you know that you can find them by heading to your Messages and tapping the monkey icon in the sticker tray to begin playing around with the feature. Once you select the icon, the camera then reads your facial expression and reimagines you as an animated 3-D avatar. You can choose to record videos of yourself as a Memoji and send them to people via your iMessages or in photos. While I'm all for making fun videos where get to see yourself as an animated animal or avatar, I was pretty pumped when Apple announced that it would be significantly expanding how current users can use the digital technology.

As of Sept. 19, Apple users who download the iOS 13 update can now customize their Memoji and make a personalized Bitmoji of sorts with a Memoji sticker pack boasting a lot of different features and expressions. It's basically like an emoji sticker pack for your Memoji, and it's the most personalized way to share exactly how you're feeling (and looking) with your friends.


One of the most hyped features of the update is the ability to make additional changes to your Memoji's physical appearance, with options to adjust your avatar's skin tone and hairstyles and add personalized details such as freckles. To start creating your Memoji sticker pack, you'll first want to customize your cartoon avatar with some of these brand new updates. To do so, all you have to do is to select the Memoji icon in your messages and then tap the plus sign. From there, the app will pull up all the aesthetic options you can play around with to customize your individual Memoji. Once you've made the changes that you want, you can tap "done," and your personalized Memoji will be saved.

Once you've done this, your Memoji will appear in your Memoji sticker tray, where you'll have the opportunity to model expressions and emotions that you'll recognize from your emoji stickers.


It's important to note that the Memoji stickers are static, so no, you won't be recording your facial expressions in this case. However, with iOS 13, the sticker packs will reside in your keyboard and you can use them to add some personal touches to your iMessages, Mail, and apps like Instagram and Snapchat, per Apple. Considering that the previous Memojis were only available in iMessages and photos, that's a pretty big deal.

The best part? While users needed an iPhone X or later, or a third generation iPad Pro to create their own animated Memojis, anyone who downloads iOS 13 or iPadOS can get in on these sticker packs, according to Apple. They're currently available with the iOS update, so I'd make sure to upgrade your device and start having some fun with the feature.