Here's how to get your 2020 Instagram Best Nine for a recap of the year.

Best Nine On Instagram Is Back & It's So Easy To Find Your Top Pics Of 2020


Even though it seemed like this year might never end, 2020 is finally coming to a close — and that means it's time to take a look back at some of your best moments on IG. Now, it might look a little different than past years (#quarantinelife), but you can still share a collage of your top pics in just a few steps. If you're ready to see your grid in review, here's how to get your 2020 Instagram Best Nine.

If you're not familiar, the annual Best Nine collage shows you your top IG posts from the year, reminding you of a fave vacay or the hilarious (but super cozy) matching holiday socks you wore at last year's cookie exchange. Again, your 2020 Best Nine might not be all glitz and glam, but it's still so easy to find. There are two ways to find your 2020 Instagram Best Nine: the Top Nine and Best Nine apps. Here's how to do it.

Get Your Instagram Best Nine With The Best Nine App:

Whether you've got an Android or an iPhone, you can find Best Nine for free in the App Store and Google Play. The Best Nine app doesn't have a clear method for how its algorithm works, but it's likely based on your most-liked photos from the year.

If you're using Best Nine, open the app and tap "Get Started." From there, log in to your IG account when prompted. Next select "Best 9," "By Year," and "2020." Then, wait until the app generates the collage. You'll see the top photos from your year in a collage. You can choose to edit the positions of your photos from the "Edit Grid" page by moving photos around or stretching them to fit by tapping the "Scale/Fit" toggle. Once you're done editing, hit "Next" and tap the "Share" button to post it to IG.

Best Nine

There's an option to purchase a custom date range of the year for your Best Nine for 99 cents. iOS users can also pay 99 cents to export a video version and customize their Best Nine video in the app. The web version at isn't available as of Dec. 3, but the website says it should become available soon.

Get Your Instagram Best Nine With The Top Nine App:

You can find Top Nine in the App Store and Google Play. Top Nine's method doesn't only involve only most-liked photos. Instead, the top photos are chosen using a "complex algorithm" that takes into account the "number of likes, the number and content of the comments," as well as other factors, according to the Top Nine website.

Top Nine

To use the Top Nine app, you'll need to update it or download the latest version. Then, you'll be prompted to enter your Instagram handle and confirm your email. Once you do that, you'll see the collage of your Top Nine photos, and you'll also receive an email with the collage. You can share it directly to IG from the app or save it to your phone's photo gallery. As of publication on Dec. 3, some iOS users might have issues with the app where it won't load and reads, "Doing some housekeeping, just give us a sec!" It's not clear if this is an iOS-wide issue, but the Google Play app appears to be up and running.

The good news is everyone can use the web version of Top Nine. The process in the web version is the same at as the app: Input your info, your email, and wait for the collage to generate and be emailed to you.

Similar to Best Nine, the Top Nine app also features a video service — and the Top Nine feature is free for all users. Since both apps use different methods, you might get different results in each, so you can play around with them to see which Best Nine is your fave. Gotta love options!