New Emojis Were Finally Released & Here's How You Can Get Them

There's a new round of emojis in town — but it might take a while before you will be able to use them. Emojipedia announced that 157 new emojis are coming to phones everywhere, but the exact timeline is still up in the air. I know I have been waiting quite a while for this moment, because who doesn't love a new set of emojis to play with? The digital expressions are a fun and unique way to communicate your thoughts and feelings to friends and family. Here's how to get Unicode 11.0 Emojis for llamas, bagels, redheads, and more.

The new set of emojis were released on Tuesday, June 5, as a part of Unicode 11.0, but that doesn't mean you will be able to incorporate them into your daily digital exchanges quite yet. I know, total bummer. Here's the deal. It is likely that the latest additions to the emoji lineup will make their way to your phone in the second half of this year, according to Emojipedia.

So what's the hold up? The type of device you have — such as one made by Apple, Samsung, or Google — will depend on when you receive the latest emoji updates, according to Emojipedia. Basically, it's up to the discretion of each vendor and when they release a new round of software. You'll be able to find any updates in the settings section of your phone. So make sure you are up-to-date on the regular.

Lucky for you, Emojipedia released a guesstimate of when you might be able to expect to get the brand new emojis.

  • June–August 2018: Twitter, EmojiOne, Facebook, and Microsoft
  • September–December 2018: Google and Apple
  • January–February 2019: Samsung

These predictions are based off of previous historical data calculated by Emojipedia. For anyone using WhatsApp, the emoji news site does not have an estimate of when the expressive icons will be available on the app. Last year, Apple made the 2017 emojis available for users in November, so Emojipedia's timeline does fall within the target timeframe.

Currently, at the time of publication, no developer has incorporated the Unicode 11.0 emoji release into its platform and software just yet. Keep in mind that these timeframes are not confirmed and are merely just a guess from Emojipedia. Although, the presumptions do give me a bit of hope that, by the end of summer, I may be able to send a cupcake, lobster, hippopotamus, or lab coat to my BFF.

The final list of 157 new emojis for the 11.0 update was announced on Wednesday, Feb. 7, bringing the total number of approved emojis to 2,823. A few of the highly anticipated emojis from this release include redheads, a parrot, curly hair, superheroes, sewing, skateboarding, and more.


With almost 3,000 emojis to have fun with, what could possibly be missing from the lineup? Truth be told, Unicode is always working on a new list of emojis to appease users. (Can't find one you like? Submit an emoji proposal of your own.) So, with all of this hubbub around what new emojis will be available and when, I want to go ahead and throw some additional emoji news your way. The proposed list of 2019 emojis is already out, and it features a sloth emoji. Yep. The cute and fuzzy slowpokes may just make their way to your emoji lineup next year.

For now, I'll be keeping a watchful eye on any software updates for my device. (Again, make sure you keep your device up-to-date.) The sooner the emojis hit, the better.