Redhead Emojis Are Really Coming And Twitter Is So Excited For The New Hairdo

by Brenda Santana

A few weeks ago, Apple announced they'd be releasing a series of new emojis starting this fall. The new emojis will include a zebra, T-Rex, and mind blown emoji... just to name a few. Completely left out of the equation, however, were the coveted redhead emojis. Redheads far and wide took to Twitter to express their discontent, and it seems like their complaints have been taken into consideration.

Unicode has released a press release saying iPhone users will be seeing redhead emojis as soon as June 2018. Popular Twitter account @HowToBeARedHead tweeted about the exciting news on Aug. 7, and redheads everywhere are rejoicing.

"NEWS: Redhead emojis are coming in June 2018!"

"I'm so excited!!!!"

"Yes finally!"

The Chief Emoji Officer at Emojipedia, Jeremy Burge, tweeted a tentative list of emojis we might be seeing in 2018. The list names 67 potential new emojis including a fire extinguisher, a sad poop emoji, a llama, and of course, the redhead emojis.

This news comes after Emojipedia announced that a series of new hairstyles and skin tones would probably come to the iPhone in May. Among the different hair styles are a bald, curly hair, and white hair emoji, but there is still no word on whether the new hair colors will come with different textures.

I hope the new hair colors do come with varying textures so that everyone feels represented.

Until we learn about whether or not the redhead emoji -- and all of its emoji brothers and sisters -- will officially come to our phones in 2018, we can have our minds blown with the new emojis coming this fall.

The 56 new emojis set to be released fall 2017 will roll out after the new iOS update becomes available. Once you've updated your phone, you can send as many mind blown and T-Rex emojis as you'd like.

Get excited, emoji lovers.