Emojis With New Hairstyles Might Be Coming Soon And They're Stylish AF


Right now, emojis have a very limited range of hairdos -- but that might be changing soon.

The guys and gals on our current keyboards aren't exactly diverse when it comes to their hair, because there are only a few hairstyles and hair colors available to choose from.

To be completely honest, any woman who doesn't have straight locks and a short cut is pretty much out of luck when it comes to emojis since the options are so limited.

Thankfully, new emojis with different hairstyles might be coming to our keyboards.


The Unicode Technical Committee just released a proposal for new emojis with different hair color and hairdos to enter our keyboards, and we're crossing our fingers it's approved.

The committee is focusing on four additional changes to the emoji selection, which include red hair, white hair, curly hair and no hair.

So now, if you're a redhead with curls who's been searching for the right emoji to represent yourself, you're in luck. The same goes for anyone with an afro, or anyone who's bald.


According to the proposal, each option will be available for both genders and various skin tones, which would make the new emojis even more inclusive.

Jeremy Burge, founder of Emojipedia and Unicode Subcommittee member, tweeted about the emoji proposal.

In the tweet, he said, "I know a lot is going on rn but redhead is now an emoji candidate for next Unicode release + bald, curly, white hair."

Not only are these emojis appeasing to most people, but they're also pretty stylish and perfect for anyone experimenting with their hair. (As someone who experiments with my hair cut and color almost every month, I'm super excited about them.)

If the new emojis are accepted (I can't imagine why they wouldn't be) we can be expecting them on our keyboards in 2018 for the next Unicode release.

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