Here's How To Get Tickets To TXT's U.S. Debut Showcase So You Don't Miss Out On The Dream


It feels like it was eons ago when TXT debuted its first member, but it was actually only three months ago on Jan. 9. Still, in the short time since all the members were revealed and they dropped their debut album, The Dream Chapter: Star, Tomorrow X Together has already managed to become one of the hottest rookie bands on the K-Pop scene. They've made their mark in Korea, winning first place on The Show, M Countdown, and Show Champion with their debut single "Crown," and now Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Hueningkai are set to take over the United States — much like their big brothers, BTS — with their debut Star in U.S. showcase tour kicking off in May. So, here's how to get tickets to TXT's U.S. debut showcase tour, so you don't miss out on the dream!

But first, here's what you need to know about TXT's Star in U.S. showcase tour. The tour kicks off on May 9 in New York, NY and will stop in five additional major cities all over the U.S. Get your planners out because here are the dates and places you need to mark on your calendar:

May 9 – New York, NY – PlayStation Theater

May 12 – Chicago, IL – The Vic Theatre

May 14 – Orlando, FL – The Plaza Live

May 17 – Atlanta, GA – Center Stage Theater

May 19 – Dallas, TX – The Bomb Factory

May 24 – Los Angeles, CA – The Novo

Tickets for the tour go on sale at 4 p.m. local time on April 19 on GoldenVoice.com. So get your computer geared up and ready to click "Add to cart," when the tickets go on sale in the city closes to you.

And if the very thought of seeing TXT in your city isn't enough to get you excited for the Star in U.S. showcase, get this: The boys might be rocking new hair colors on tour!

Although the boys debuted all rocking natural-looking shades of brown hair, it looks like their experimenting with color for their new era as they jump into promoting their second single off The Dream Chapter: Star, "Cat & Dog."

The music video for "Cat & Dog" won't be out until April 25, but TXT has already started teasing concept photos for the video, which include the boys seated surrounded by colorful flowers while cradling cats and dogs that are nearly as adorable as them. But what's probably most notable to fans are some of the boys rocking flashy new hair colors.

So far, of the three sets of concept photos that have been released, two members are rocking new 'dos. Yeonjun has dusty blue hair now:

While Beomgyu is rocking a dusty blonde look.

Hueningkai is still rocking a natural brown color, which — to be fair — looks amazing on him.

Are you excited about this tour or are you excited about this tour?!

Well, you better snag tickets quick. I have a feeling they'll go fast, because TXTers aren't messing around!