Here's How To Get The 'Love Yourself In Seoul' DVD To Rewatch BTS' Concert On Loop

by Jamie LeeLo
Rich Fury/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

BTS is the gift that keeps on giving. You want incredible music videos? You got it. You want stunning costumes? No problem. You want relentless choreography? Absolutely. You want a live concert in your country/state/city? Sure thing. You want a feature-length film? They're all over it. Oh, you want to purchase said film and keep it forever? Anything for you. BTS is here to fulfill your every desire and they aren't slowing down. At this point in your fandom life, you're probably wondering how to get the Love Yourself In Seoul DVD that was just announced so you can rewatch their iconic concert on loop. Duh, that makes millions of us.

You guys might remember when Big Hit Entertainment first announced there was going to be a Love Yourself in Seoul concert film in the first place. It was supposed to be a one-night-only thing spread across the globe, but due to the triumphant roar of ARMYs, screenings stretched their theater runs thanks to the high demand. Someone has since wised up, because that one-night-only event officially turned into an any-night-you-want event with the creation of the concert DVD for purchase. Not only is this a chance for die-hards to relive the excitement of the Love Yourself concert over and over again, but it's also a chance for folks who may be slow to the BTS pickup to get on board.

Right now there is no official link to pre-order or purchase the DVD, but fans do have a timeline. NME reports it will be available to pre-order beginning Thursday, Feb. 28 and the DVD will be released a month later on March 27. After that, ARMYs can expect the Blu-Ray edition to become available on April 23. Keep an eye on BTS' official Twitter accounts and their Facebook page for the pre-order link as soon as it becomes available.

Get out your calendars. Write all of this down.

If you missed the film's trailer, let me delight you:

Why yes, that is the group watching their own performance and delivering trademark, hilarious commentary at the end.


According to NME, both the DVD and Blu-Ray come with three discs of content, plus a photobook and photocard. To really kick it back to millennial youth days, the DVD will also come with a poster you can hang on your bedroom ceiling or dorm room wall, and the Blu-Ray will have a mini photobook you can keep under your pillow at night. Bless them.

Here's a closer look at the goods:

Here's what will happen across those three discs: Viewers will be treated to the original concert film that was filmed in August 2018 at Seoul's Olympic Stadium. There will also be commentary from BTS themselves and behind-the-scenes footage of the group preparing for the show. This includes footage of the boy's concert rehearsal and pre-production. Fortunately, the DVDs will have Korean, English, and Chinese subtitles.

Well, I guess I know what the ARMY is getting for Christmas 2019.

I am living to see what kind of magic BTS comes up with next. Right now, I highly recommend you pop over to ARMYPEDIA.net (for funsies) and keep your eyes on Big Hit Entertainment's Twitter account to see when the pre-order link drops.