Fans Of Reese's Eggs Have A Chance To Win Some This Summer, Long After They're Sold Out

Courtesy of Reese's

If you've ever dreamed of digging into a Reese's Peanut Butter Egg long after Easter has passed, you're in luck. With the perfect proportion of peanut butter and chocolate (due to the fact that there are no pesky ridges to get in the way) and a dreamy, melt-in-your-mouth texture, it's not surprising that these "eggs" have a cult following — and fans go into total meltdown mode when they realize that Reese's Eggs season could be coming to a close. This year, the Hershey Company (the purveyors behind everyone's fave Easter chocolate) has decided to keep the deliciousness going a little longer, so here's how to get Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs this summer to keep the Easter candy vibes strong this patio season.

If you're a Reese's Egg devotee, you're well acquainted with that sinking feeling you get when you see that the Easter treat has disappeared from grocery store shelves and realize you'll have to wait a whole year until you can see them again. While the Eggs boast the same satisfying combo of peanut butter and chocolate as their cup counterparts, there are numerous threads dedicated to the fact that they somehow taste so much better than their year-round peers. Without the ridges that Reese's Cups feature, you can be sure that you'll be getting the perfect marriage of peanut butter and chocolate in each bite. Plus, there's also the fact that your Reese's Egg is bigger than a cup (it weighs approximately 14 grams more than the cup, according to an experiment carried out by All Over Albany), and it contains 9 grams more peanut butter. In fact, Reese's Eggs have more creamy PB than any of the company's other offerings other than their Peanut Butter Hearts for Valentine's Day. Unsurprisingly, people get seriously hyped when Reese's Eggs come back to stores, and it's a sad day when you realize that they've left until next year.

So, I was seriously pumped when the company revealed on Monday, April 15 that they'd heard their customers' pleas to keep the beloved Reese's Eggs around a little longer. Get ready: They will be gifting some lucky customers 36 pieces of the Easter candy this summer.

Courtesy of Reese's

Jan Grinstead, Easter manager at the company, said in a press release:

We know our fans dread the end of Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs season. So, we wanted to surprise them with a chance to get their hands on our iconic Eggs long after Easter.

Here's how it's all going down.

While Reese's Eggs will disappear after Easter like normal, the company will stockpile a supply of the treat and freeze them for summertime distribution. To get your own package delivered straight to your door, you can head to any of Reese's social media channels on Tuesday, April 16 at 3 p.m. ET to reserve your supply of 36 Eggs. Simply click the link that's posted and you can start looking ahead to pairing your summer sips with a bite or two of Reese's Eggs.

Per press materials, this offer is first come, first serve, and the link will work through Friday, April 19 at 3 a.m. ET while supplies last. So, I'd definitely set a reminder on your phone to ensure that you don't miss out on your ultimate summer snacking. Good luck!