Here's how to get Carvel's Crunchies Cereal for a chocolatey treat.

Carvel's Crunchies Cereal Isn't In Stores, But Here's How You Can Score A Box

by Daffany Chan
Courtesy of Carvel

Carvel stans know the best part of an ice cream cake is the filling of chocolate Crunchies, and the ice cream company made an announcement on April 1 that seemed too good be true. On April Fools' Day, Carvel launched its first ever Crunchies Cereal, but you won't be able to buy it in stores. If you want a box of the chocolatey goodness, here's how you can get Carvel's Crunchies Cereal.

Carvel dropped details of its new product on April 1, and while it's not totally a prank, it will be tricky to get your hands on a box. ICYDK, Crunchies are the chocolate cookie pieces that are covered in a chocolate shell to give the Carvel's ice cream cakes their iconic crunch. In celebration of Carvel's new Crunchies creations, the company is releasing 150 boxes of Crunchies Cereal, which is exactly what it sounds like — a box filled exclusively with Crunchies.

From April 16 through April 18, the first 150 customers to order a Crunchies Dasher either in-store or with a delivery app (UberEats, DoorDash, GrubHub, or Postmates) will get a free box of Crunchies Cereal. The Crunchies Cereal freebie will only be available while supplies last, so it's a good idea to mark your calendar for April 16 and act fast during the giveaway period.

According to the press release, you'll also want to keep an eye out for more ways to score Carvel's Crunchies Cereal by following @CarvelIceCream on Twitter, @carvelicecream Instagram, and Carvel's Facebook page.

Courtesy of Carvel

BTW, the Crunchies Dasher one of the new ~creations~ and it combines vanilla ice cream, Crunchies, fudge, and is finished off with whipped cream and a chocolate medallion.

Additionally, there are a few other new treats that feature the classic chocolatey blend. Whether you're looking for a sip or an ice cream cone, there's the Crunchies Shake, Flying Saucers Rolled in Crunchies, Crazy for Crunchies Cake, Crunchies Celebration Cake, Novelty Cones Rolled in Crunchies, and Vanilla Soft Ice Cream on a Cake Cone or Cup Rolled in Crunchies. You can also get Crunchies To-Go, which is a cup of Crunchies you can put on your ice cream whenever you want. Pricing for the new Crunchies treat lineup starts at $2.99.

Like Crunchies Cereal, all of the new Carvel treats are available for a limited time at Carvel locations and through delivery platforms. If you're heading to a store to try out the sweets, remember to follow the CDC's most updated guidance on social distancing and masking.